August 2017

Global Mentorship Program
By Bosco Chan, Actuaries Without Borders (AWB) Committee Member

AWB has successfully launched its global remote mentorship services supplemented by global remote exam tutoring services.

Within the first five months, this program has received 60 applications, representing 29 mentees in 14 countries and 31 mentors in 12 countries. The diversity of participation reinforced the global vision of this program and its contributions to the global society, especially actuarially developing countries.

The initial feedback is very positive, as demonstrated by these testimonials:

“The tutor did some exercises with me which helped me to get a more in-depth understanding of the topics. The tutor advised me and encouraged me until the last day before the exam. Once again I thank my tutor and also thank AWB” – Ansah Offoumou, Ivory Coast.

“Mentoring is a great way to give back to the profession. It enhances the professional horizons of both the mentee and the mentor. Through mentoring, one can keep abreast of current developments in actuarial education and professional issues, and it is a rewarding experience. My first mentee passed his SOA Exam C successfully, and I was excited to have made a small contribution to his achievement. I would urge seasoned actuaries to consider mentoring with the AWB” – Carlos Arocha, Switzerland.

This program will continue expanding its services to more countries, enabling more international collaboration to empower young actuarial professionals and students. AWB is interested in partnering with IAA Full or Associate Members to promote this initiative to their respective geographical regions.

For more details, contact AWB Executive Director Renata De Leers or program manager Bosco Chan.

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