International Association of Consulting Actuaries

17th Conference
Hershey, Pennsylvania
June 4 - 8, 2000


Table of Contents


Defined Benefit Pension Plans

"The Security Behind the Benefit Promise - Is it Worth the Paper it's Written on?”
by Anthony P Cunningham, U.K.

Litigation Support

"The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth about Actuarial Testimony"
by Frederick W. Kilbourne, U.S.A.
(This article is being reprinted with permission from Contingencies, a publication of the American Academy of Actuaries, March/April, 1998, Volume 10 No. 2, Copyright 1998 by the American Academy of Actuaries)

"The Actuary as the Expert Under the New Civil Procedure Rules"
by Alan Fishman, U.K.


"Asset Allocation Policy: the Third Age"
by Roger Urwin, U.K.

Multinational Pooling of Insured Benefits

"Multinational Pooling & Captives - Exploding the Myths!"
by Giles Archibald and Robyn Kow, U.S.A.

Defined Contribution Plans

"An Opportunity for Actuaries to Give Advice in the Context of Defined Contribution Pension Plan"
by Jonathan Camfield, U.K.

"Charitable Remainder Unitrusts as an Employee Benefit"
by Conrad M. Siegel, U.S.A.

"Retirement Benefits -the DB v. DC Debate in the UK”
by Danny Wilding, U.K.

"A Simple Model of Investment Risk for an Individual Investor After Retirement"
by Raymond J. Murphy, U.S.A., Copyright 2000 by the Society of Actuaries, Schaumburg, Illinois, reprinted with permission of the Society of Actuaries

Consulting Firm Management

"Operating the Smallest of Consulting Firms: the Sole Practitioner"
by Jay M. Jaffe, U.S.A.

"Operating a Small Consultancy"
by John Harsant, U.K.

"Managing a Regional Actuarial Consulting Firm"
by Robert J. Dolan. U.S.A.


"Regional Microsimulation Models of Australia"
by Hugh Sarjeant, Australia

National Health Programs

"21st Century Health Challenges in Australia"
by Brent Walker, Australia


Conrad Siege
Ron Walker

Keynote Address

Arnold Barnett

President's Panel

Norm Crowder
Alice Gannon
Paul Thornton
Richard Mitchell
Stuart Wason

Property & Casualty

Michael Toothman
Alice Gannon
Richard Gorvett

Pensions for Multinational Companies

Tom Ross
Rick Dreyfus
Robert Gump
Ken Barclay
Anthony P . Cunningham
Bradford Klinck

Litigation Support

Paul Halliwell
William Cutlip
Alan Fishman
Fred Kilbourne

Early Retirement Issues

Adrian Waddingham
John Collins
Martin Slack
Horst Zimmermann
Selwyn Torrance

International Accounting Rules

Laura Hay
Robin Arnold
Jim Christie
Peter Ludvik
Stuart Wason

International Actuarial Topics

Mike Arnold
Giles Archibald & Robyn Kow
Mo Chambers
Mark Tenney

DC vs. DB Plans

Paul Spencer
Jonathan Camfield
Matthew Demwell
Carlos Rosado

Health Insurance

Bob Dymowski
Marcella Flores
Lina Cheung
Brent Walker

Operating Smaller Consulting Firms

Bob Dolan
Regina Berens
David Lee
Roger Grenville-Jones
Tom Ross

Operating Larger Consulting Firms

Mike Mills
Dale Gifford
Bob Scott

The Future of IACA

Ron Walker

Discussion of Public Sector Issues

Chris Daykin
Bob Myers
Hugh Sarjeant

Risk Management for Consultants

ABC Players

Lauren Bloom
Henry Knowlton
Lawrence Johansen

The Most Important Issues Facing Consulting Actuaries in Your Country

Jay Jaffe/Mike Mills

Closing Session

Ruud Sprenkels
Ron Walker