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Translations of ISAP 2 - Financial Analysis of Social Security Programs

Translations of ISAPs have been made by local member associations or members. The IAA has neither reviewed nor endorsed them.  However, we are providing them on our website as a service to members. The cover page indicates whether the local member association has approved the translation and what (if any) action the local member association has taken with respect to the relevant ISAP.

It should be noted that the local member association may have also made some adjustment (for example, adding an additional point), so the “translated” version might not be a precise translation in all respects.
The ASC recommends that an actuary who assets compliance with an ISAP use the following language:

  • When asserting compliance with the ISAP adopted by Council (i.e. the English version):

“In performing this work I have complied with ISAP[s] x[, y] etc.”

  • When asserting compliance with a translation:

“In performing this work I have complied with the language translation[s] of ISAP x dated date[, IASP y dated date] etc.”
Where the actuary’s member association has adopted an ISAP in any form, the actuary would not assert compliance with the ISAP, but rather would follow local custom as to whether to identify the applicable local (adopted) standard.