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ASTIN Bulletin – The Journal of the IAA

Guidelines for Authors / Editors and Editorial Board / Subscriptions and Back Issues

Guidelines for Authors

1. Papers for possible publication in the ASTIN Bulletin – The Journal of the International Actuarial Association (hereinafter referred to as “ASTIN Bulletin”) should be submitted online at:

Submission of a paper is held to imply that it contains original unpublished work and is not being submitted for publication elsewhere.

Receipt of the paper will be confirmed and followed by a refereeing process which will be handled by one of the editors. The editors aim to complete the refereeing of a submission in around three months.

2. The role of a referee is to assess the quality of the academic content of the paper. If a paper is sufficiently badly written to an extent that prevents a referee from forming a proper view of the paper’s scientific content, then the paper will be returned to the author unrefereed.

3. The basic elements of the journal's style have been agreed by the Editors and the Publisher and should be clear from checking a recent issue of ASTIN Bulletin. If variations are felt necessary, this should be discussed with the editor handling the paper.

4. Papers should be written in English or French. It is not the job of the editors, the referees or the publisher to improve the use of English or French in the paper; it is up to the authors to ensure that the language, spelling and grammar are of a high quality prior to the submission.

5. Authors intending to submit longer papers (e.g. exceeding 30 pages) are advised to consider splitting their contribution into two or more shorter contributions.

6. The first page of each paper should start with the title, the name(s) of the author(s), an abstract and a list of keywords. An institutional affiliation can be placed between the name(s) of the author(s) and the abstract.

7. The address and full contact details of at least one of the authors should be typed at the end of the paper following the references.

8. Footnotes should be avoided as far as possible.

9. References should be arranged alphabetically, and for the same author chronologically. Use a, b, c etc. to separate publications of the same author in the same year. For journal references give author(s), year, title, journal (in italics), volume (in boldface), and pages. For book references give author(s), year, title (in italics), publisher, and city.

Journal articles
Jewell, W.S. (1975) Regularity conditions for exact credibility. ASTIN Bulletin, 8, 336--341.
Buchwalder, M., Bühlmann H., Merz, M. and Wüthrich, M.V. (2006) The mean square error of prediction in the chain ladder reserving method (Mack and Murphy revisited). ASTIN Bulletin, 36(2), 521--542.

Barlow, R.E. and Proschan, F. (1975) Mathematical Theory of Reliability and Life Testing. New York: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston.

Edited book/chapter
Jewell, W.S. (1975) Model variations in credibility theory. In Credibility: Theory and Applications (ed. P.M. Kahn), pp. 193–244. New York: Academic Press.

Conference/working paper
Ohlsson, E. and Lauzeningks, J. (2008) The one-year non-life insurance risk. Conference Paper, ASTIN Colloquium 2008, Manchester.
De Felice, M. and Moriconi, F. (2003) Risk based capital in P&C loss reserving or stressing the triangle. Research Group on "Insurance Companies and Pension Funds", Working Paper n. 1, Rome, December 2003.

10. All mathematical symbols and equations, including those embedded within a paragraph, must be typeset using recognized mathematical typesetting software such as LaTeX, Tex, Microsoft Equation or MathType.

11. Contributions must be submitted using standard software such as LaTeX, Tex, or Word. Initial submissions to the editor must be in PDF format in a single file that incorporates all figures and tables. When a paper is accepted, the author(s) will be asked to provide all relevant files in electronic format, including separate files for each of the figures. Figures should be submitted in black and white or in color. If color figures are provided, they will be used for the electronic version only. Author(s) may request the use of color in the print version, in which case author(s) will be required to pay the additional production costs to the publisher. Line thickness and lettering size should be sufficient to remain clear under any likely degree of reduction.

12. Contributors should provide full contact details including an e-mail address for the publisher, Cambridge University Press (CUP). Contributors should retain a copy of the final version of their article at the point of unconditional acceptance. Proofs will be e-mailed to the corresponding author, and it is the responsibility of the corresponding author to return corrections to CUP within one week of receipt. A delay in the return of proofs might result in the paper being published in a later edition of the ASTIN Bulletin.

13. Authors will receive a complimentary PDF of their article.

ASTIN Bulletin is published in both print and and online. Following publication of ASTIN Bulletin, the publisher will e-mail, on request, a PDF copy of the final version of the paper to the corresponding author. Authors of a paper have the permission of the editors and of the publisher to make this PDF version available for download from their personal web pages, no sooner than on its appearance on Cambridge Journals Online (CJO), provided this service is free and not used for commercial gain. The downloadable version must be accompanied on the web page with a prominent statement of the full bibliographical details, a copyright notice in the name of the copyright holder (Copyright 2013 by ASTIN Bulletin – The Journal of the IAA. Reproduced with Permission.), and a link to the online edition of the journal at Cambridge Journals Online.