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Population Issues (Working Group)

Terms of Reference

Created – 6 March 2010, Updated - 9 August 2016

1.  Membership

Membership of the Population Issues Working Group (PIWG) is is selected by the PIWG Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons based on expertise and interest of individuals, some of whom may be non-actuaries.

2.  Purpose

To identify population issues of particular interest to actuaries and in respect of which the actuarial profession, at an international or national level, could make a useful contribution in the public interest.

3.  Role

  • To identify sources of information on population issues which could be of interest to actuaries and to facilitate access to this information through the IAA website or in other ways.
  • To monitor published population studies and research in progress to identify emerging results of interest and relevance to actuaries.
  • To create a network of actuaries engaged in demographic work or with particular interest in population issues.
  • To scan the media for reports on population issues on which it might be appropriate for the IAA to respond and to propose public statements for the IAA to make.
  • To promulgate to relevant IAA Committees and Sections information on up-to-date population studies and issues which might be relevant to them.
  • To raise awareness of population issues in the wider actuarial community worldwide.
  • To promote the role of actuaries in demographic work.
  • To interface with supranational bodies which have a particular focus on population issues and to ensure that they are aware of the expertise and interests of actuaries in this field.

4.  Decision-making authority

The PIWG operates within the IAA Statutes and internal regulations and makes recommendations for consideration by the Scientific Committee, which will, to the extent necessary, make recommendations to the IAA Council or the Executive Committee, as appropriate.

5.  Operational Matters

Frequency of Meetings:
The PIWG will meet at least twice per year either in person or by teleconference. At the discretion of the Chair, there may be additional teleconference meetings.

Agendas and papers:
All meetings will have a formal agenda agreed by the Chairperson, which must generally be distributed, along with required papers, at least one week before each meeting. Agendas and meeting papers are made available on the PIWG page on the IAA website.

Minutes of each meeting will be prepared and distributed as soon as practicable after each meeting. Minutes will be posted on the PIWG page on the IAA website.

Reporting on Working Group Activities:

  • The PIWG will report on its activities to the Scientific Committee and the Chairperson will prepare a draft workplan and budget for the next calendar period for approval by the Scientific Committee.
  • The Chairperson will provide a written report to the IAA Secretariat after each PIWG meeting providing an update on its activities.

IAA Liaison:
The PIWG will liaise with other IAA Committees, Working Groups and Sections as required to undertake its role and activities.

External Liaison:
The PIWG will liaise with external stakeholders as required in order to undertake its role and activities, subject to any requirements or processes laid down in the IAA statutes and regulations.

Other operational matters:
The PIWG will share information regarding developments and initiatives in relation to its work via the PIWG page on the IAA website.

6.  Taskforces Reporting to the Working Group

The PIWG may form task forces to carry out particular projects, subject to approval by the Scientific Committee.