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General Insurance


Chairperson Robert F Conger   (2019)
Co-Vice-Chairpersons Colum D'Auria   (2018)
Tarmo Koll   (2018)
Members Christiaan Cronje Ahlers  (Actuarial Society of South Africa)
Luis Jesús Álvarez Marcén  (Colegio Nacional de Actuarios A. C.)
Vladimir Bubalov  (Macedonian Actuarial Association)
Frank Cuypers  (ASTIN)
Zauresh Daleyeva  ( Actuarial Society of Kazakhstan)
Janet E Duncan  (Society of Actuaries)
Clemens Frey  (Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung e. V. (DAV))
Yifan Fu  (Actuaries Institute Australia)
Daniel Israeli  (Israel Association of Actuaries)
Tarmo Koll  (Eesti Aktuaaride Liit)
Steven G. Lehmann  (American Academy of Actuaries)
Jakkapan Luangnarumitchai  (Society of Actuaries of Thailand)
Robert S. Miccolis  (Casualty Actuarial Society)
Aitor Milner  (Instituto de Actuarios Españoles)
Wael Abdel Hady Mohamed  (Egyptian Society of Actuaries)
Dermot Kennedy O'Hara  (Society of Actuaries in Ireland)
Afua Boahemaa Owusu  (Actuarial Society of Ghana)
Sari Ropponen  (Suomen Aktuaariyhdistys)
Nino Savelli  (Istituto Italiano degli Attuari and Ordine degli Attuari)
Margaret Tiller Sherwood  (Conference of Consulting Actuaries)
Michael Bayard Smith  (Caribbean Actuarial Association)
Michael Bayard Smith  (OECD liaison)
William Weiland  (Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut Canadien des Actuaires)
Ryutaro Yamada  (Institute of Actuaries of Japan)
Amali Seneviratne  
Gayane Arsenyan  
Alexey Anatolevich Arzhanov  
Joaquin Benavides  
Jeffrey Alan Courchene  
Eric Dal Moro  
Enrique De Alba  
Edmund Douglas  
Jacqueline F. Friedland  
Mary T Hosford  
W James MacGinnitie  
Diego Leonardo Mazzeo  
Bertha Pilgrim  
Vladislav Igorevich Radchenko  
Christopher Townsend  
Ned Tyrrell  
Michiel Van Der Wardt  

The distribution lists (email addresses) used for communicating between members and interested persons for the General Insurance Committee are as follows:

  • - includes both members and interested persons
  • - includes members only

NOTE: Only those individuals listed within each of the distribution lists can use these addresses for communicating. Any attempt by anyone else will result in a failure/error message.