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Branding & Communications Subcommittee

Branding Toolkit

Brochure / Design Files (107 MB InDesign files)

Branding Materials of Member Associations

Report of the Branding Task Force

Description Index Keyword1 Keyword2 Keyword3 Year
Introducing the European umbrella organization for actuarial associations B Europe General   2008
How to become an actuary B IAA Branding New 2014
What is an actuary B IAA Actuary Information 2014
Who needs an actuary B IAA Actuary Information 2014
Corporate style guidelines-Visual branding rules for print and screen B UK Branding Guidelines 2013
Promotional leaflet for the CERA qualification B CERA CERA Brochure 2014
CERA Global Associations, Vision, Mission and Values leaflet B CERA CERA Mission 2014
This pamphlet explains the actuarial education system in South Africa B South Africa Education   2014
This pamphlet provides general information on the activities of the Actuarial Society B South Africa Society   2013
This booklet is distributed at careers fairs and provides general information on some 50 careers, as well as notes on how to apply for a job, compile a cv, etc. B South Africa Careers   2014
This pamphlet provides general information on the actuarial profession. B South Africa Professioin   2014
Seeing Beyond Risk I Canada Retirement   2014
Maths and Science Website I South Africa Educations   2014
DAV Press Workshops I Germany Press   2013
Raising the bar on insurance technical expertise P Europe Solvency II Insurance ?
Marketing Strategy P CERA Marketing   2014
Progress Report P CERA Report Metric 2014
Position paper on the role of the actuary under Solvency II P Denmark Solvency II Role 2012
Act on the Supervision of Insurance Undertakings P Germany Insurance Role 2007
Das Berufsbild des Aktuars (available in Germany only P Germany     2008
Value Proposition P IAA Value   2014
History of the Strategic Approach of the Marketing & Market Development Plan P US Marketing Role 2011
Branding: What’s the Big Idea?-Joint CIA/SOA Meeting P US Canada Branding 2006
Awareness and Perception of Actuaries P US Employer Survey 2010
Branding Guidelines P Austrialia Branding Guidelines 2014
Research was conducted by the IFoA to understand the role that actuaries play in “risk” P IFoA Risk Survey 2011
Guidelines on the CERA brand P CERA Branding Guidelines 2014
List of projects IAJ has worked on to improve visability P IAJ Branding   2014
This presentation was presented to boards and to staff when the IFoA conducted their own re-branding project in 2012 Pr IFoA Branding Presentation 2012


Index Code Description
B Brochure/Leaflet
P Paper
I Informational
Pr Presentation