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Actuarial Standards

The purpose of the ASC is to develop and maintain all International Standards of Actuarial Practice (ISAPs). This goal is to be achieved on the basis of the Vision Statement for International Standards of Actuarial Practice and Due Process, and the Statement of Objectives for International Standards of Actuarial Practice, both adopted by Council. ISAPs should be broadly acceptable to the IAA member associations.





A profession without practice standards risks having them forced on it by somebody else.” Dave Pelletier, ASC Chair (2011 to 2014)

Sound practice standards are the foundation of a profession.” Alf Gohdes, ASC Chair (2015 to 2017)


ASC Dashboard

Overview of ISAP Production by the ASC (October 2017)


Task Forces

  1. ISAP 1 (General Actuarial Practice) Review Task Force
  2. ISAP 4 (Insurance Accounting) Task Force
  3. ISAP 6 (ERM Programs & ICPs) Task Force
  4. ISAP 7 (IAIS) Task Force

Disbanded (below)

  1. General (ISAP 1)
  2. IFRS Common
  3. Social Security Task Force
  4. IAS 19
  5. ISAP 1A (Model Governance) Task Force
  6. ISAP 5 (Enterprise Risk Model) Task Force