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ASTIN Bulletin Management Board

Terms of Reference

Created – 25 February 2011, Last revised –25 February 2011

1.  Membership

Each Section of the IAA that supports the ASTIN Bulletin - The Journal of the International Actuarial Association (“the Journal”) can appoint one member to the Management Board (“the Board”). In addition, the Editor-in-Chief will serve as a member of the Board. The Board will, from time to time, select an individual to serve as Chairperson.

2.  Purpose

To provide overall management of the operations of the Journal, including financial and operational management.  However, the editorial process and decision-making remains the responsibility of the Editor-in-Chief.

3.  Role

  • The Board reports to the Communications Subcommittee of the Executive Committee of the IAA.
  • To promote the Journal to Section members and to Sections not yet financially supporting the Journal.
  • To determine the overall financing of the Journal including the pricing of the Journal.
  • To determine the modes of distribution of the Journal.
  • To receive and review annual reports from the IAA Secretariat on the finances and operations. Such operations include, for example, operation of the website and other support provided by the Secretariat.
  • To receive and review annual reports from the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal.
  • To appoint, from time to time, the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal.
  • To appoint, from time to time, a publisher of the Journal.

4.  Decision-making authority

The Board operates within the IAA Statutes and Internal Regulations and makes recommendations for consideration by the Communications Subcommittee that will subsequently make recommendations to the IAA Executive Committee, as appropriate.

5.  Operational Matters

Frequency of Meetings:
The Board will meet at least twice per year either in person or by teleconference.  At the discretion of the Chairperson, there may be additional teleconference meetings.

Agendas and papers:  
All meetings will have a formal agenda agreed by the Chairperson which must generally be distributed, along with required papers, at least one week before each meeting. Agendas and meeting papers are available from the Board page on the IAA website.

Minutes of each meeting will be prepared and distributed as soon as practicable after each meeting. Minutes are available from the Board page on the IAA website.

Reporting on Committee Activities:

  • The Chairperson will prepare a report, upon request, on the activities of the Board for inclusion in the Communications Subcommittee report to the IAA Executive Committee.
  • The Chairperson will also provide a written update report to the Communications Subcommittee after each Board meeting.
  • Each member who is appointed by a Section, or the Editor-on-Chief,  will provide a report to the Section and to the General Assemblies or Annual General Meetings of the Section.

Approved by the ABMB – 25/02/2011