Moving the Profession Forward Internationally


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Task Force Reports


Meeting Date Report
London, United Kingdom – September 13, 2014 Revenue Enhancement Task Force
Cape Town – March 6, 2010 Task Force on Sections of the Member Services Committee


Meeting Date Report
St. Petersburg, Russia – May 28, 2016
Vancouver, Canada – October 17, 2016 Risk Oversight Task Force
The Hague, Nethlerlands – May 26, 2013 Task Force on a Strategic Action Plan for ISAPs
Los Angeles, United States – May 26, 2012

Task Force on a Permanent Structure for ISAPs

a. Discussion Paper

b. Summary of responses to the Zoomerang survey, including list of respondents

c. Commentary by TFPSIAS

d. Questions for discussion by Council in LA

Zagreb, Croatia – October 2, 2011 Regulated Professions Task Force
Vienna, Austria – October 12, 2010 Task Force on the Convergence of Actuarial Standards
Hyderbad, India – November 15, 2009 Task Force on Mortality
Limassol, Cyprus – November 4, 2008 Task Force on Financial Economics
Dublin, Ireland – October 28, 2007 Task Force on Mortality
Mexico City – April 18, 2007 Task Force on Strategic Planning
Paris, France – May 28, 2006 Task Force on the Feasibility of a Global Actuarial Qualification (report on page 5 of agenda)