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Actuaries Without Borders® (AWB)

AWB Projects

AWB seeks to make actuarial services available to deserving needy groups on a temporary basis through volunteer efforts of its members. Areas where these volunteers give assistance include development and sound management of social security, enterprise risk management, pensions, insurance (including non-life and life), investments and health care. They also work with other infrastructures and wider areas where actuarial skills can help. Additionally, AWB contributes to awareness of the profession and the spread of actuarial education by encouraging AWB Members to take on teaching and coaching assignments. We focus on geographic areas that lack actuarial resources – "target countries" – and those in the developing world, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

Our Volunteers work with situations of need among public entities, governmental organisations and social organisations; these include NGOs that clearly lack actuarial resources and may also need financial assistance to obtain suitable expert advice. AWB facilitates the financial assistance needed for project expenses – typically travel, lodging, and food – by becoming familiar with and working with funding Agencies that would be comfortable having actuarial expertise associated with the execution of projects they fund.

An "AWB Project" is one wherein AWB staffs, oversees and manages the involvement and work of our volunteers, in collaboration with the organisation(s) requesting, benefiting from and funding the project. We primarily seek such projects in developing countries.