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Actuaries Without Borders® (AWB)

Why Join AWB?

The AWB is unique among actuarial sections that individual actuaries can join. Its mission is:

“to make actuarial services available to deserving needy groups on a temporary basis through volunteer efforts of its members. Areas where these volunteers give assistance include development and sound management of social security, enterprise risk management, pensions, insurance (including non-life, life and microinsurance/microfinance), investments and health care. They also work with other infrastructures and wider areas where actuarial skills can help. Additionally, AWB contributes to awareness of the profession and the spread of actuarial education by encouraging AWB members to take on teaching and coaching assignments. We focus on geographic areas that lack actuarial resources.

Many advantages of AWB membership arise from the above mission:

  • AWB Members have the opportunity to volunteer (click link for more information on volunteering) for many different assignments in interesting countries. Through these assignments, Volunteers have the satisfaction of advancing the actuarial profession in countries which otherwise would not be able to afford such expertise. They also gain stimulation from working in exciting situations extremely different from their usual environments.

  • AWB Members are exposed to areas of actuarial activity (e.g., microinsurance) that may be outside their normal day-to-day work experiences but which use an actuary’s capacity to learn quickly and/or to provide assistance, while building on their actuarial training and experience.
  • AWB Members receive the IAA Newsletter, which keeps them apprised of actuarial meetings and developments around the world. The AWB website provides news of particular interest on actuarial issues in developing countries.

  • AWB Members are part of a global fraternity of actuaries who care about developing country issues. Joining the AWB provides opportunities to network with this enlightened group of actuaries.

  • AWB Members are eligible to attend the annual business meetings (“Annual General Meetings”) of the AWB and meet their cohorts from other countries. These meetings are held in interesting locations around the world (South Africa, India, Cyprus, etc.). (Note:  For reasons of cost-efficiency and logistics, and due to the short 1-2 hour duration of these meetings, the annual meeting typically is scheduled in the same week and same location as IAA Committee and Council meetings.)

  • An AWB  Member can manage unique actuarial projects from the time a need is brought to the attention of the AWB Committee through to completion. This project management role includes elements such as:

      • defining or sizing the project
      • recruiting for volunteers
      • securing funding for the project and
      • monitoring the project to its conclusion.

  • AWB Members also have the opportunity to nominate themselves as candidates for election to the AWB Committee.  This geographically diverse group with backgrounds in different actuarial disciplines is our Board of Directors and senior management team. Elected members of the AWB Committee serve a three-year term and may run for election to a second term.

  • Finally, the AWB Committee is quite open to input from all AWB Members. Agendas and Minutes of AWB Committee meetings and teleconferences, and the Annual General Meeting for all Members are posted on the website.