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Membership Application


Associate Membership Application

All fields marked are to be completed. Please answer N/A to the fields that do not apply to your association.

A General information:
B Contact person to whom documents should be sent:
C Organization Membership
To enable the IAA Accreditation Committee to process the application, please provide information in response to the requests listed below

D Organization application documents
2. Articles of Incorporation (Statutes):



E Applicant’s commitment towards the IAA

1. Annual Confirmation Form

2. In applying for Membership, the association certifies that it meets the appropriate criteria, agrees to the appropriate commitments and confirms by selecting the boxes below :

Please send all required documentation to the IAA Secretariat (

3. Annual Membership Fee

The annual membership fee for the year 2018 is $50.00 CAD.  A fee invoice will be sent to the association once it has been formally admitted to the IAA.

F Non-mandatory elements

1. Letter of recommendation

G Once becoming an IAA member
1. Important membership information and a fee invoice will be sent to your association once it has been formally admitted to the IAA:
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H Supporting Documents
If you have more than one document to submit, please compress documents to a zipped folder :