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Exchange Instructions

All Exchange distribution lists are controlled by an authorized IAA Secretariat staff member. Only this person can make modifications to the Exchange membership. If you wish to add, modify or delete your email address from any of the Exchange lists, please notify the IAA Secretariat.

*Exchange distribution list (e.g. A tool that facilitates sending a message to a single email account to reach all members of a specific group without having to type all of the individual email addresses of those in that group.

When responding to an Exchange distribution list message, please consider whether you need to use the "REPLY TO ALL" feature as this will send your response to the entire Exchange list. Use the "REPLY TO" feature of your email if it suffices to send your response to the sender ONLY. If you use the “REPLY TO ALL” feature, please remove the original sender’s email address so that this individual only receives the message once.

If you receive a message from a list, but are subsequently unable to post (you receive a message notifying you that you are not allowed to post to the list), then you may be using an alias email address. This is a frequent occurrence for individuals who have several email addresses, but only record one with the IAA. Since our lists are restricted, only addresses subscribed to a list are allowed to post. This helps block any unsolicited emails (SPAM) from reaching list members. Please notify the IAA Secretariat should you encounter this problem.

Distribution lists are divided into three types with varying levels of access.

Open distribution lists have been created to facilitate discussions among a selected group; these lists are also open to anyone wishing to join as an interested party.

The distribution list for all of the following is name(as it appears in brackets)

  • Africa Subcommittee (Africa)
  • Asia Subcommittee (Asia)
  • Advice & Assistance Committee (Assistance)
  • Enterprise and Financial Risk Committee (Financial.Risks)
  • Eurasia and Middle East Subcommittee (Eurasia_MiddleEast)
  • Health Committee (health)
  • Insurance Accounting Committee (Insurance.Accounting)
  • Insurance Regulation Committee (Insurance.Regulation)
  • Latin America Subcommittee (Latin.America)
  • Microinsurance Working Group (Microinsurance)
  • Mortality Working Group (Mortality)
  • Mortality Working Grouip Activity Reports (iaamwg_reports)
  • Own Risk Solvency Assessment (ORSA)
  • Pensions and Employee Benefits Committee (Pensions.Benefits)
  • Pensions and Benefits Accounting Subcommittee (PBAS)
  • Population Issues Working Group (Population)
  • Professionalism Committee (Professionalism)
  • Reinsurance Subcommittee (Reinsurance)
  • Resource and Environment Working Group (Environment)
  • Scientific Committee (Scientific)
  • Social Security Committee (Social.Security)
  • Solvency Subcommittee (Solvency)

Private distribution lists have been created to facilitate discussions among a selected group; these lists are restricted to the individuals serving on the committee or group.

The distribution lists for all of the following is name(as it appears in brackets)

  • Accreditation Committee (Accreditation)
  • Actuarial Standards Committee (ASC)
  • All ASC Members (ASC.All)
  • ASC –ISAP 1A (Model Governance) Task Force (ASC.ISAP1A)
  • ASC –ISAP 4 (Insurance Accounting) Task Force (ASC.ISAP4)
  • ASC –ISAP 5 (ERM) Task Force (ASC.ISAP5)
  • ASC –ISAP 6 (ERM Programs & ICPS) Task Force (ASC.ISAP6)
  • ASC –ISAP 7 (IAIS) Task Force (ASC.ISAP7)
  • ASTIN Bulletin Management Board (ABMB)
  • Actuarial Educators Network Subcommittee (AEN.Committee)
  • AFIR/ERM Section Committee (AFIR.Committee)
  • Asia Pacific Association of Consulting Actuaries Executive Committee (APACA)
  • Ad hoc Project Oversight Group – Risk Adjustment Monograph (APOG_Risk)
  • ASTIN Section Committee (ASTIN.Committee)
  • AWB Section Committee (AWB.Committee)
  • Chief Staff Officers (Chief.Staff.Officers)
  • Communications Subcommittee (Communications)
  • Enterprise and Financial Risk Committee Members (Financial.Risks_Members)
  • IAA Fund Subcommittee (Fund)
  • IAAHS Section Committee (IAAHS.Committee)
  • IACA Section Committee (IACA.Committee)
  • Insurance Accounting Committee Members (Insurance.Accounting_Members)
  • Insurance Regulation Committee Members (Insurance.Regulation_Members)
  • Insurance Regulation Committee Risk Book (IRC.riskbook)
  • IAALS Section Committee (LIFE.Committee)
  • IAA Officers (Officers)
  • Pensions and Employee Benefits Committee Members (Pensions.Benefits_Members)
  • PBSS Section Committee (PBSS.Committee)
  • Past IAA Presidents (Presidents.Club)
  • Presidents Forum (Presidents.Forum)
  • Publications Subcommitteee (Publications)
  • Risk Oversight Task Force (Risk.Oversight)
  • Standard-Setters Roundtable (SSRT)
  • Section Chairpersons (Section.Chairs)
  • Section Treasurers (Section.Treasurers)
  • IAA Section Delegates (Section.Delegates)
  • Social Security Committee Members (Social.Security_Members)
  • Supranational Relations Committee Members (Supranational.Relations_Members)
  • Syllabus Review Task Force (TF.Syllabus.Review)
  • Private Sector Task Force (TF_Private_Sector)

 Announcement distribution lists are used by the IAA Secretariat to disseminate information to a targeted group. They are one-way lists which means they do not allow for messages from individuals to the list.

  • Actuarial Educators Network Members (AEN)
  • Advice & Assistance Developing Non Members (AA_nm_associations)
  • AFIR/ERM Section Members (AFIR_ERM)
  • IAA General Announcements (Announcements)
  • ASTIN Bulletin Subscribers (ASTIN_Bulletin)
  • ASTIN Members (ASTIN)
  • AWB Members (AWB)
  • Announcements for Correspondents (Correspondents)
  • Announcements for Council Delegates (Council)
  • IAAHS Section Members (IAAHS)
  • IACA Section Members (IACA)
  • IAALS Section Members (LIFE)
  • IAA Council and Committee Meeting Announcements (Meetings)
  • IAA Council and Committee Meeting Tours (Meetings.Tours)
  • IAA News Release Announcements – Organisations (NewsRelease_Organisations)
  • PBSS Section Members (PBSS)
  • Member Association Presidents (Presidents)