In May 2025, the IAA Sections will host its 1st event in South America, "JoCo São Paulo 2025" at the invitation of the Instituto Brasileiro de Atuária (IBA).

JoCo2025 will gather IAA Section members and actuaries from Brazil and from across the world around a unique theme of "Actuaries in Sustainability", to discuss the latest research and actuarial challenges arising from new fields of professional and academic activity as well as from traditional actuarial work, and including work and interpretations of the concept of "sustainability".

What is the actuarial interpretation of “sustainable”? The concept interacts deeply with the actuarial profession, and it can be understood differently in different contexts: about the financial sustainability of risk sharing mechanisms, or regarding economic growth and the resilience of the financial sector, or in terms of the uncertainty arising out of environmental and climate concerns, or in the context of global efforts to ensure the well-being of all. Under these broad interpretations, sustainability interacts with the practice areas of actuaries of risk assessment, pricing and product development, reserving, regulatory compliance, strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, data analytics, ethical considerations, and the need for interdisciplinary collaboration and continuous learning.

We look forward to your contribution and seeing you in São Paulo for JoCo2025!

Cristina Mano
JoCo2025 Chair