Chair Douglas Carey (2024)
Vice-Chair Cristina Leicht-Miranda (2025)
Past Chair Kenneth Buffin (2026)
Secretary Nobuhiro Shimizu (2023)
Treasurer Raffaello Marcelloni (2023)
Members Jennifer Alonso Garcia (2026)
John Anderson (2026)
Craig Chu (2026)
Peter Devlin (2024)
Paulo Gouvea Da Gama (2024)
Abraham Hernández Pacheco (2023)
Allan Paldanius (2024)
George Russell (2026)
Brnic Van Wyk (2026)
IAA Delegates Jason Malone (2024)
Tonya Manning (2024)
Honorary Chairmen Christopher Daykin

Board Members     Position
Douglas Carey (Chairperson)
Term expires: 2024
Country: United States
Main Areas of Expertise:
Spoken Languages: English
Cristina Leicht (Vice-Chairman)
Term expires: 2025
Country: Switzerland

Qualifications:2012- Accredited Actuary SAA (Swiss Society of Actuaries)- 2008- MSc. in Actuarial Sciences (HEC- Lausanne, University of Lausanne_ Switzerland)2004- Licentiate in Economy, Faculty of Economic Sciences, UMSS-Bolivia

Experience:10 + Years  Experience in Technical Assessments and Consolidation Reporting according to International Accounting Standards, Evaluation of Pension Plan Amendments, Harmonization and Models for the maintenance of benefits in Switzerland and its impact under IFRS.

Main areas of expertise: Pensions, IFRS Reporting.

Spoken Languages: English, French, Spanish and German
Kenneth Buffin (Section Past Chairman)
Term expires: 2026
Country: United States
Qualifications: FIA, FSA
Experience: Previous IAA leadership roles include: Chairman IACA, Chairman Supranational Relations Committee, Chairman Communications Subcommittee, Member Executive Committee
Main Areas of Expertise: Public Policy, Research, Social Security, Pensions, Investment
Spoken Languages: English
Nobuhiro Shimizu (Secretary)
Term expires: 2023
Country: Japan

Qualifications: PhD in science from Nihon University and MSc from Kyoto University. Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Japan (IAJ), Certified Pension Actuary and fully qualified member of the Japanese Society of Certified Pension Actuaries (JSCPA), Chartered Member of the Securities Analyst Association of Japan (CMA).
Experience: Currently serving as Standing Audit & Supervisory Board Member of the Federation of Japanese Consumer Cooperatives (FJCC). Also serving as Managing Director of IAJ. Before joining FJCC, served as Actuarial Superintendent, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), Investment Policy Actuary and Director-General of the Investment Management Department of the Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF), Scheme Actuary of the National Farmers Pension Fund, etc.
Main areas of expertise: Public and Private Pensions including Investment Management, Social Security
Spoken languages: Japanese and English

Raffaello Marcelloni (Treasurer)
Term expires: 2023
Country: Italy

Qualification: Master’s degree (MSc) at “La Sapienza University of Rome”, Italy; Certified actuary; Fellow of the Italian Institute and Board of actuaries
Experience: Since 2004 I work as actuary in the Italian social security system where I built up my experience at the Italian worker’s compensation institute (INAIL) and extended it having had a 4 years practice at the Italian old age pension authority (INPS). My main duties are: actuarial modelling, actuarial valuations and forecasts, data processing, database management. Member of other committees and working groups at IAA and AAE. Speaker at many international events and author of papers for INAIL, INPS and AAE.
Main areas of expertise: Compensation systems, Pensions, Social Security
Spoken Languages: Italian, English.

Jennifer Alonso Garcia (Members)
Term expires: 2026
Country: Belgique

Qualification: PhD Actuarial Science at UCLouvain (Belgium), Msc Actuarial Science at UCLouvain (Belgium), Licentiate in Mathematics at Universidad de Oviedo (Spain). IA|BE Qualified Actuary of the Belgian Institute of Actuaries
Currently (tenured) Professor of Actuarial Science at the Department of Mathematics of the Université Libre de Bruxelles. She is also an Associate Investigator at CEPAR, and Netspar Fellow. Previously she was a (tenure-track) Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, Econometrics and Finance (EEF) at the University of Groningen and Senior Research Associate at CEPAR. 
Main areas of expertise: 
Social Security (design, sustainability and adequacy), retirement income, household finance 
Spoken Languages:
  English, French, Dutch, Spanish
John Andeson (Members)
Term expires: 2026
Country: South Africa

Qualifications: BCom (Hons), FASSA, FFA
Main areas of expertise: 
Spoken Languages: English
Craig Chu (Members)
Term expires: 2026
Country: United States

Qualification: B.Sc. (California Institute of Technology), Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, Enrolled Actuary
 Twenty years of experience in pension work, beginning 2004 in private pension audit and compliance at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Joined Winklevoss Technologies in 2009 to work on ProVal, the flagship pension valuation software for U.S. pension actuaries, and worked on development for British and German pension schemes and promises. Working since 2017 at the New York City Office of the Actuary on New York City Retirement Systems and Pension Schemes.
Main areas of expertise: Pension Valuation; Public Pension Schemes
Spoken Languages:
Peter Devlin (Members)
Term expires: 2024
Country: Germany

Qualification: BSc(Hons) City University; MA School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University of London; Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries
Experience: Investment & Pensions actuary in the UK before moving to Germany in 2002 where I joined Mercer international advisory team. Joined Deloitte Consulting in Germany in 2006 and am Partner in charge of Benefits & Compensation issues. Main areas of focus are: M&A advisory for pensions and HR; HR Post-merger integration; Pension valuations, restructuring and outsourcing; Compensation design, Job Architecture and implementation of advanced compensation software systems. Past Chairperson of IEBA (and German branch) and currently vice chairperson. Written numerous articles on various Total Reward areas.

Main areas of expertise Pensions, Compensation, M&A, PMI

Spoken Languages: English, German
Paulo Gouvea Da Gama (Members)
Term expires: 2024
Country: Brazil

Qualifications: Actuary formed by the economics faculty and finances of Rio de Janeiro, specializing in corporate finance and technology to businesses and member of Brazilian Institute of Actuaries;
Experience: More than 30 years of professional experience focusing on the implementation and management of pension fund benefit plans, volunteer professor in the actuarial science course at the University of Minas Gerais and in the postgraduate courses in actuarial methods at ITCP, Unileya and IEPREV;
Main areas of expertise: Pensions, Social Security, and Corporate Finance;
Spoken Languages: Portuguese and English;

Abraham Hernández (Members)
Term expires: 2023
Country: Mexico

Qualifications: Ph.D. Candidate (ISEG, Universidade de Lisboa), Member of CONAC (Mexican Academy of Actuaries) and IAP (Portuguese Institute of Actuaries) 
Experience: Chairman and co-founder of VITALIS, an international pensions consultancy and asset manager since 1992. Co-founder of Millas para el Retiro, a fintech start-up that allows people to save for retirement frome everyday spending. Chairman PBSS, 2016-2020. Member of the SPC & the Nominations Committee of the IAA. Board member of Pension Funds, Family Offices, VC Funds and public companies. 
Main areas of expertise: Pensions & Social Security. Asset Management. ESG. Parenting (proud father of ten children).
Spoken Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, Swedish.
Allan Paldanius (Members)
Term expires: 2024
Country: Finland

Qualification: M.Sc. (Mathematics)
Experience: So far over 29 years in various actuarial roles in pensions, now as the head of the Long term financial planning unit at Keva and in that role I’m also responsible for the actuarial and statistical affairs. I’m currently an expert member in several industry-wide and ministerial working groups. I’m also a member of the board of directors of the Finnish Centre for Pensions and European Association of Public Sector Pension Institutions.
Main Areas of expertise: Pensions
Spoken Languages: English

George Russell (Members)
Term expires: 2026
Country: United Kingdom

Qualifications: FIA, FSA
Experience: Extensive public service experience with the UK Government Actuary’s Department
Main areas of expertise: Public service pensions; pensions policy and regulation
Spoken Languages: English
Brnic Van Wyk (Members)
Term expires: 2022
Country: Australia

Qualification: FIAA, FIA, CIMA®
Experience: More than 25 years’ global financial services experience spanning retirement benefit consulting, pensions management and investments. Serves on a number of international advisory boards and has presented at numerous international conferences and events.
Main areas of expertise: Pension fund design and investment management
Spoken Languages: English and Afrikaans
Spoken Languages: Finnish, English

Christopher Daykin (Honorary President)
Term expires: 2099
Country: United Kingdom
Qualifications: Master of Arts (Cambridge University); Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries; Fellow of the Society of Actuaries
Experience: Actuarial consultant at the Government Actuary's Department for 37 years. Government Actuary of the UK from 1989 to 2007. Currently a pension fund trustee and expert witness. President, Institute of Actuaries 1994-96; President, International Forum of Actuarial Associations, 1996-97; Chairman, Groupe Consultatif Actuariel Européen, 2010-11; Chairman, PBSS Section, 2004-2012. Chairman of the Social Security Subcommittee of the Actuarial Association of Europe, 2012-2018.
Main Areas of expertise: Pensions; Social Security; Expert witness in personal injury claims
Spoken Languages: English, French