Chris Daykin Prize

The new annual prize for the best paper related to Pensions, Benefit or Social Security published in each year’s ASTIN Bulletin. In honor of the first chair of the PBSS section of the IAA and in recognition of his enormous contributions to the profession over the years, the award will be known as “The Chris Daykin” prize.

The prize comprises two portions:
1. A cash award of CAD 2,500 and
2. An invitation to the author to present his or her paper and the next PBSS sponsored colloquium with reimbursement of the registration fee and expenses up to CAD 2,500. A committee of three PBSS Board members will make the final selection of the winner and their selection will be final.

There is no need to apply for the prize, but in order to be eligible, at least one of the authors must be a PBSS member before the publication.

Year Title  Winning Author(s)
2023 Intergenerational Risk Sharing in a Defined Contribution Pension System: Analysis with Bayesian Optimization An Chen, Motonobu Kanagawa and Fangyuan Zhang

Best Paper Awards

Another way to encourage and disseminate pensions and social security-related research, is to provide a prize at every PBSS Colloquium for PBSS members who contribute with the best Practical and Theoretical Papers in the event.

PBSS provides financial assistance to support its members. In each year´s event, the PBSS Board vote to choose the most interesting and innovative paper on Pensions or Social Security topics and grants an award for the Best Paper Presented. The winning author receives a certificate, the opportunity to give a webinar to other PBSS members and a total cash prize of $1,000 CAD.

Year  Event  Title   Winning Author(s)
2020 Paris Sections Virtual Colloquium A New Pension System in Brazil? An Evaluation of the Fiscal and Distribute Impacts of the 2019 Pension Reform Proposal Luis Eduardo Afonso
2019 Cape Town Sections Colloquium
NDC Schemes and Heterogeneity in Longevity: Proposal for Redesigning Jennifer Alonso García
2018 Berlin ICA 2018 Low Interest Rates and the Expected Impact of Retirement Provision
Alf Gohdes
2017 Cancun PBSS Colloquium  Forging a new, solid social security system for Greece: The NTS proposal
Valuation of Bermudan-DB-Underpin Option
George Symeonidis
Ziao Bai Zhu

Other Past Best Paper Awards

 2019   Tonuity: A Novel - Individual Oriented Retirement Plan
An Chen
 2018   Drawing Down Retirement Savings. Do Pensions, Taxes and Government Transfers Matter Much for Optimal Decisions?
Bonnie Jean McDonald
 2017   Life insurance and pension contracts II: The life cycle model with recursive utility Knut Aease


The PBSS Board grant bursaries to their members who are presenting a paper at the PBSS or IAA sections colloquium every year. If your presentation is chosen by the scientific committee of the event, you can apply for a bursary to attend to the colloquium or congress. The bursary consists in the payment of the event registration fees and an additional cash allowance for travel expenses.

You can access PBSS Bursary Poilcy here