History and Mission

Consulting actuaries from across the world first met as a group at a special meeting of the 16th International Congress of Actuaries in 1960. Much of the impetus for this first and subsequent meetings was stimulated by Max Lander and Geoffrey Heywood. A similar meeting was held in Edinburgh at the 17th International Congress in 1964, when it was decided to set up a Committee to ensure that international meetings focused on issues of concern to consulting actuaries would continue to be held every other year on a more frequent basis that the ICA. Geoffrey Heywood was elected Chairman of the Committee, the other members being Messrs. Brans (Holland), Carson (South Africa), Hamilton (U.S.A.), Heubeck (Germany), Lander (U.K.), Melville (Australia) and Warren (U.S.A.).

This Committee, with a few changes, organised the IACA business meetings held in Munich in June 1968. At the third business meeting on 13th June 1968, it was agreed that the International Association of Consulting Actuaries should be formally constituted, separate from the International Actuarial Association, and a formal set of Rules was adopted unanimously. The Committee appointed under the Rules was as follows:

Chairman Geoffrey Heywood Great Britain
Vice-Chairman James A. Hamilton U.S.A.
Secretary/Treasurer Maxwell Lander Great Britain
Committee R.W. Abbott
Preston C. Bassett
J.A.Theo M. Brans
J.A. Carson
Henry G. Devitt
Georg Heubeck
Carroll E. Nelson
Raymond C. Palmer
Great Britain
South Africa

Location of Meetings

1968 Munich, Germany

Geoffrey Heywood

Maxwell Lander
1970 Washington, DC, U.S.A. Geoffrey Heywood Maxwell Lander
1972 Helsingor, Denmark Geoffrey Heywood Maxwell Lander
1974 Amsterdam, Netherlands J.A.Theo M. Brans Jan C. Hoogteijling
1976 Sydney, Australia Preston C. Bassett Evan Innes
1978 Toronto, Canada Raymond C. Palmer Evan Innes
1980 Vienna, Austria M. David R. Brown Robert D. Masding
1982 Stratford-upon-Avon, U.K. Dennis F. Gilley Robert D. Masding
1984 Maui, HI, U.S.A. Paul H. Jackson Robert D. Masding
1986 Bermuda James M. Hutton Robert D. Masding
1988 Munich, Germany Karl-Josef Bode Richard Moore
1990 Auckland, New Zealand Dudley Funnell Richard Moore
1992 Vancouver, Canada Christopher J. White Richard Moore
1994 Hong Kong Robert D. Masding Dudley Funnell
1996 Gleneagles, Scotland Michael Arnold Dudley Funnell
1998 Cape Town, South Africa Harold Mitchley Dudley Funnell
2000 Hershey, PA, U.S.A. Ronald M. Walker Dudley Funnell
2002 Amsterdam, Netherlands Rudd H. Sprenkels Michael D. Mills
2004 Sydney, Australia Brent W. Walker Michael D. Mills
2006 Paris, France R. Adrian J. Waddingham Margaret T. Sherwood
2008 Boston, MA, U.S.A. Michael L. Toothman Margaret T. Sherwood
2010 Cape Town, South Africa Hideyuki Yoshida Morten Harbitz
2012 Hong Kong Ken Buffin Morten Harbitz
2014 Washington, DC, U.S.A. Andrew Vaughan Morten Harbitz
2016 St. John's, NL, Canada Margaret T. Sherwood Morten Harbitz
2018 Berlin, Germany Cathy Lyn Kudzai Chigiji
2020 Virtual Nigel Sloam George Symeonidis
2022 Virtual Brian Spence Marc Slutzky


Other Significant Historical Items

1. In recognition of their great contributions to IACA, Messrs Heywood and Lander were elected Emeritus Members of the IACA Committee in 1976.

2. Karl-Josef Bode attended every biennial Conference over a period of more than twenty years after IACA was formed.

3. A joint meeting with the Conference of Consulting Actuaries was held in San Francisco in 1970.

4. IACA first produced a printed membership list and report in 1990.

5. It was decided in 1999 that IACA should become the Consulting Section of the International Actuarial Association.

6. Membership has generally grown over the years since IACA was founded and in 2010 consisted of 462 Members with 42 countries represented.