Life Insurance

The IAA Life Section (IAALS) was created by the Council of the IAA on November 19, 2005 and officially formed during the 2006 International Congress of Actuaries in Paris. Its mission is to promote actuarial
research and the exchange of knowledge in the field of life insurance around the world.

IAALS intends to pursue its mission through:

  • Research in the life insurance field
  • Promotion of new research among academics and practicing actuaries
  • Promulgation of current research
  • Access to current research
  • Exchange of information knowledge and views
  • Supply of practical information
  • Support of technical development in developing countries
  • Provision of networking opportunities

In pursuit of its mission, IAALS utilizes the most appropriate delivery methods, such as:

  • Annual Colloquia
  • Local Seminars on specific current topics
  • The ASTIN Bulletin – The Journal of the IAA
  • Web exchange/Webcasts (forums for networking and exchanging knowledge)

IAALS organizes at least one webcast per year on a topic of interest to its membership. IAALS has also created an electronic library of life insurance papers. As an added benefit, members receive a copy of the ASTIN Bulletin — The Journal of the IAA three times per year. In order to encourage the submission of life papers to the ASTIN Bulletin, an IAALS Prize for the best life insurance contribution has been established.