International Actuarial Notes (IANs)

An International Actuarial Note (IAN) is an educational document that provides information on current or emerging practices in relation to an international actuarial topic.  It serves to familiarize actuaries with approaches that might be taken and to demonstrate how the actuarial profession might approach the topic.  The major difference between an IAN and other IAA educational documents is that all IAA Member Associations must be invited to provide input to the IAN through a formal consultation process, which maximises the capacity to identify any material differences of opinion on the content of the IAN.        

An IAN does not impose any obligation on any IAA Member Association or any individual actuary to promote or apply the practices described.  It is not a definitive statement as to what constitutes generally accepted practice in the area under discussion and the language used is not directive. 

An IAN may address a topic that is also addressed by an International Standard of Actuarial Practice (ISAP) issued by the IAA.  In that case, the IAN will not conflict with the ISAP.  The IAN does not seek to interpret the ISAP and it is not intended as a description of how an IAA Member Association might interpret the ISAP.  Nor is it intended as a description of how an actuary might apply the ISAP or any actuarial standard based on the ISAP, though it might assist in that regard.

Due Process for IANs

Current IANs


  • International Actuarial Note on IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts
    Session 1 held on October 18, 2021
    Webinar:     Recording:  
  • International Actuarial Note on IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts
    Session 2 held on October 20, 2021
    Webinar:     Recording:  

IANs in Development 

1. IAN 200 on IFRS S2 Climate Related Disclosures (Insurance Accounting Committee)

Statement of Intent for IAN 200 on IFRS S2 Climate Related Disclosures

2. IAN 300 on  Professional Judgement (Professionalism Committee)

Statement of Intent for IAN 300 on Professional Judgement

Development History 

IAN 100 - Application of IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts

   Exposure draft consultation (17 January 2019 - 26 April 2019)
Comments Received

                 Documents:  Transmittal memo dated 17 January 2019
                                         Exposure draft of IAN 100                                         

IANs Under Review 

The IANs under review are numbered IAN 2 to IAN 12. The former IAN 1 was withdrawn when the IAA issued ISAP 2 (Financial Analysis of Social Security Programs), while IAN 2 has been superseded by ISAP 1. As a result, IAN 2 has been revoked as of 28 March 2014 because much of its content has been moved into ISAP 1. However, the content that was not moved to ISAP 1 may still be of use to actuaries performing financial reporting work related to IFRS and thus this revoked IAN 2 remains available (in the superseded IANs section of the website). IANs 3-12 provide educational guidance to the application of the current IFRS 4 (IASB standard for insurance contracts) and will be repealed once new IANs are developed that will apply to the new IASB standard for Insurance Contracts.

Superseded IANs