External Organizations

Membership Dues and Contributor Fees

Member Dues (current year):
based on $20.25 per fully qualified actuary (FQA)
$200 per 3 year period
Contributor Fees (current year):
$5,000 (fee waiver where a reciprocal agreement is reached)
$10,000 per annum
Bronze: $5,000 per annum
Silver: $10,000 per annum
Gold: $15,000 (minimum) per annum
Section Dues Dues (current year):
AFIR-ERM Individuals: $60
ASTIN Individuals: $60
IAAHS Individuals: $60
IACA Individuals: $60
IAALS Individuals: $60
PBSS Individuals: $60
(all amounts are in Canadian dollars)
Remittance Details: The amount payable in Canadian Dollars, or its equivalent* in US Dollars or in Euros, can be remitted by:
  1. International Bank Draft drawn on any bank in Canada and made payable to the International Actuarial Association

  2. OR

  3. Wire Transfer to: CAD Account Nº 0346217 or USD Account Nº 0365017, SWIFT Code NOSCCATT and Branch Transit Number 002-40006 for Scotiabank, 118 Sparks Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 5T2 CANADA or Euro Account Nº 328776240, SWIFT Code HKBCCATT, Branch Transit Number 016-10031 for HSBC Bank Canada, 30 Metcalfe Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 5L4 CANADA

  4. OR

  5. VISA Credit Card. Please provide the account number, expiry date and name on the card. 

    For FMA membership payments
    Credit Card Payments: Please contact us at receivables@actuaries.org and we will call you for your credit card details. A fee of 2% will be charged for credit card payments of $1,000 CAD and more

*The equivalent is the amount of USD or of Euros required to buy the CAD on the date of transfer at the Interbank rate as quoted by OANDA