Risks to Water Resources

Risks to Water Resources
Risks to Water Resources
December 14, 2020
07:00 - 08:00 EST (click here to check your local time)

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Water resources are critical for human survival. Since humans cannot survive for more than a day or two without clean water to drink, even short-term disruptions in the supply of water can have potentially devastating consequences, including adverse impacts on financial security systems. Water resources are at risk from a variety of sources. We need to understand these risks so that they can be managed, through both prevention efforts before the risk events happen and mitigation efforts after the events happen. Risk management requires thoughtful prioritization as expenditures for prevention and mitigation are not limitless.

This webinar will present findings of the recently paper on this subject. The main purpose of the paper is to start a conversation on water resource risk, first among actuaries and then within the broader scientific and public policy communities. We believe that actuaries need to be informed about broader societal issues such as this one, as water resource risks affect a wide range of perils commonly insured. And, once informed, actuaries will be in a better position to make a positive contribution to policy development.

Dale Hall

Stephen Lowe

Rade Musulin


Micheline Dionne


12/14/2020 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM