International Actuaries Day Online Event

International Actuaries Day Online Event

International Actuaries Day Online Event
September 2, 2021
07:00 - 08:00 EDT (click here to check your local time)

IAA President Jan Kars invites the entire profession to participate in this inaugural international actuaries day virtual event. He will present opening remarks highlighting the importance of the international profession as well as what this means in the everyday life of all actuaries.  

Celebrating the profession with 5 tools to become a cutting-edge actuary

Join us for this international online event celebrating International Actuaries Day while learning how you can stay resilient, build stamina, and even thrive with effective communication in the new normal, becoming a (role) model for those around you. Our speaker will “Kahoot” with you as she shares 5 simple and effective tools to become a cutting-edge actuary.

By the end of this interactive presentation, you'll know how to apply these learnings to achieve immediate results for yourself and your team.

Keynote Speaker:

Caroline Grégoire

A French Canadian who has worked in Germany and Sweden and now resides in Portugal, Caroline is an international mentor, coach, and keynote speaker.

She combines her 20+ years of experience in leadership positions in the (re)insurance, actuarial and risk management fields with her passion for figure skating, drawing from the discipline, dedication, and resilience of top figure skaters, to help leaders reach higher levels of performance.

She inspires leaders and managers in the finance, insurance and actuarial sectors, giving them the tools they need, in the areas of communication, leadership, resilience, strategy and culture. She works with them in English, French, German and Swedish.

Caroline is an accomplished trainer on the communication course of the German Actuarial Society and was a speaker at the Growth Actuary Virtual Summit and CERA Global Risk Conference. She has also collaborated with various actuarial associations in recent years. She is an associate member of the Swedish Actuarial Society (“Svenska Aktuarieföreningen”) and a member of the German Speakers Association.

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9/2/2021 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM