Pilot Hybrid Council and Committee Meetings

Pilot Hybrid Council and Committee Meetings
As the world slowly emerges from the pandemic at a varying pace, the way of hosting in-person gatherings has changed, and the “Hybrid” format is now the new “normal”. Hybrid meetings aim to offer similar possibilities to participate in meetings whether attendees are virtual or in-person. This represents a first for the IAA and adds further complexity to our already challenging meeting logistics notably, with the insurmountable time-zone issue. 

That being said, we are encouraged by the re-opening phases around the world which now allow us to take advantage of this opportunity to experiment a new way of executing these meetings, but on a smaller scale. This will be an initial step towards revamping our traditional meetings in a new format for the future. 

Dates:  December 3 - 5, 2021 
Location:   Amsterdam, Netherlands – Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel and Conference Center
Format:   Pilot Hybrid Meetings
Onsite attendance:    Limited attendance; maximum of 75 participants

Registration will be limited to the members of the following groups. (Note that all other groups will meet virtually. Please contact your Secretariat Staff Liaison for more information) Priority of in-person attendance will be given to participants involved in more than one of these entities. 

  • Council
  • Actuarial Standards
  • Advance, Executive
  • Professionalism
  • Strategic Planning

  •  December 3 *     December 4 *     December 5 *
     Presidential Town Hall     Advance     Council
     Actuarial Standards     Strategic Planning      Executive

    * Specific time slot to be determined
    12/3/2021 - 12/5/2021