• To represent the IAA in discussions at the international level on matters relating to health systems, with a particular focus on actuarial aspects.
  • To raise the profile of health actuaries in policy debates and research on health systems.
  • To support, through IAA Member Associations, actuaries working in the health systems field, both private and public.

Health Committee



Christelle Dieudonne


Roseanne Harris


Our members (click Members tab for full list)

Yair M. Babad
Israel Association of Actuaries100944
Adrian Daryl Baskir
Institute and Faculty of Actuaries101359
Joseba Iñaki De La Peña
Instituto de Actuarios Españoles106033
Heather McLeod
New Zealand Society of Actuaries117664
Ibrahim Muhanna
Lebanese Association of Actuaries118868
Terence R. Narine
Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut Canadien des Actuaires119195
John Schubert
Conference of Consulting Actuaries124012
Ulrich Stellmann
Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung e. V. (DAV)125639
Lawrence Tsui
Actuarial Society of Hong Kong127195
Eduardo Lara Di Lauro
Colegio Nacional de Actuarios A. C.139383
Gordana Letica
Hrvatsko Aktuarsko Drustvo142993
Aldona Skucaite
Lietuvos Aktuaru Draugija151209
Chloe Wang
China Association of Actuaries162879
Katarína Reindlová
Slovenska Spolocnost Aktuarov 172373
Catherine Censier
Institut des Actuaires en Belgique176551
Benjamin Yankah
Actuarial Society of Ghana177434
Mary Hosford
Casualty Actuarial Society177815
Roseanne Harris
Actuarial Society of South Africa177965
Sunil Sharma
Institute of Actuaries of India178155
Mika Mäkinen
Suomen Aktuaariyhdistys178639
Sara C. Teppema
Society of Actuaries178747
Francisco Baquero
Asociación Colombiana de Actuarios178971
David Bogataj
Slovensko Aktuarsko Drustvo179276

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