Actuaries Without Borders® (AWB)


The mission of Actuaries Without Borders (AWB) is to promote the public good globally, focusing on countries that lack the actuarial resources needed to create productive, sustainable, and stable markets for insurance and other risk mitigation, and the means to develop the actuarial profession, in particular in support of a strategic objective of the IAA to support the development, organization and promotion of the actuarial profession in areas of the world in which it is not present or is not fully developed. The AWB will carry out its mission and activities pursuant to the strategic direction of, and in co-ordination with the Advice & Assistance (A&A) Committee.



AWB pursues its mission by:

  • providing assistance to actuarial associations; those seeking to form actuarial associations; public entities; and governmental and non-governmental organizations in countries such as those referenced above, often in association with the A&A Committee.
  • striving to develop volunteer opportunities that will enable its members to use their specialized skills and experience beyond their own borders. Its members serve as actuarial educators and mentors and are a resource for local actuarial associations around the world.
  • working with local associations and other organizations to secure the financial resources to cover the costs of such projects including the out-of-pocket costs of the volunteers.
  • organizing meetings and online exchanges.
  • supporting formal IAA activities appropriate to this objective, in particular those of the A&A Committee, and interacting with IAA Full and Associate Members.
  • carrying out its activities in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity as defined in the IAA Statutes.

AWB does not, however, take on projects that involve the delivery of specific actuarial work and advice.

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