President's Forum

The Mission of the Presidents’ Forum is to build relationships and understanding among the current Presidents of the world’s actuarial associations.

It accomplishes this by holding in-person meetings in conjunction with the periodic IAA meetings. The purpose of the meetings is to discuss strategic aspects of topics of current interest to member associations, emerging issues, and opportunities for collaboration. In particular, the meetings will discuss matters of strategic importance to the worldwide profession.

Attendance Policy

Each Full and Associate member association is entitled to one seat at the inner table of the Presidents’ Forum. That seat is to be filled by the President or, in his/her absence, by a current member of the senior leadership group such as the incoming president or immediate past president.

In addition, each Full and Associate member association is entitled to two seats at the outer table (non-voting) of the Presidents’ Forum. The President of the IAA chairs the Presidents’ Forum and may invite other members of the IAA leadership and staff as non-voting attendees.

The agenda for each meeting is set by a task force appointed at the prior meeting.

The task force may recommend having portions of the agenda restricted to the inner table.