Time Session Room
Sunday June 4
12:00 18:00 Registration Lobby
13:00 17:00 PBSS Committee Meeting Vallarta
18:00 20:00 Welcoming Reception Lobby
Monday June 5
07:00 17:00 Registration Lobby
07:30 08:00 Networking Lobby
08:00 08:30 Opening ceremony: Tom Terry, Abraham (Abe) Hernández, Alejandro Bonilla, Michael Smith, Carlos Lozano Maya IV
08:30 10:15 Panel: Extending and enhancing Social Security | Moderator: Alejandro Bonilla Maya IV

Óscar Vela, Ken Buffin, Carl Hansen, and Georges Langis

10:15 10:45 Coffee Break
10:45 12:45 Plenary: Behavioural Economics working for pensions | Moderator: Jorge López Maya IV

Saisai Zhang: Retirement Consumption, Risk Perception and Planning Objectives of Canadian Retirees and Pre-Retirees [ABSTRACT] [PRESENTATION]

Luis Eduardo Afonso, Antonio Gualberto Pereira: Automatic Enrollment and Choices of Pension Plans: an Experimental Study in Brazil [PAPER] [PRESENTATION]

John Turner: Social Security Policy Procrastination: A Behavioral Economics Response [PAPER] [PRESENTATION]

Fernanda Salas: Miles for Retirement [PAPER] [PRESENTATION]

12:45 14:00 Lunch
14:00 15:45 Parallel: Social Security and Pensions in Mexico | Presenter: Jorge López Maya IV

Eliud Silva: Escenarios macroeconómicos en función del PIB requerido para financiar el programa de Pensión Universal en México [ABSTRACT] [PRESENTATION]

Marco Hernando Albarrán: Factores que condicionan la probabilidad de cotizar a las pensiones de retiro en México [PAPER] [PRESENTATION]

Maria del Carmen Fernández Reyes: De La Teoría a la Practica - 20 Años despues de la Reforma de Pensiones de la Ley del Seguro Social [PAPER] [PRESENTATION]

Parallel: Modelling and Valuating Pension Schemes I | Presenter: Allan Paldanius Maya I

Teemu Pennanen: Economic Valuation of DB-Liabilities [ABSTRACT] [PRESENTATION]

Brnic Van Wyk: Cohorting DC members for ALM-based investment strategies [ABSTRACT] [PRESENTATION]

Jesús Arredondo: Simulation Analysis of Pension Risk Sharing Arrangements [ABSTRACT]

Parallel: Big Data & Machine Learning | Presenter: Carl Hansen Maya II

Rosemary Macedo: How big data and machine learning will allow quants to: appropriate and improve on strengths, prosper in the face of smart beta by creating smart alpha, and progress from quanta-franken-mental to true quantamental hybrids

15:45 16:15 Refreshment Break
16:15 17:45 Parallel: Models for Social Security around the World | Presenter: Doug Carey Maya I

Helmut Schwarzer: OIT/AISS Guides

Francisco Miguel Aguirre: National Framework Law and equivalence model for Individual Accounts and Defined Benefit [PRESENTATION]

Pierre Devolder: Hybrid Social Security Pension Schemes: Risk Sharing and Stochastic Optimal Control [ABSTRACT] [PRESENTATION]

Parallel: Japanese Trends on Pensions and Social Security | Presenter: Tom Terry Maya II

Kazuma Fujiyama: Practical Issues on Japanese Version of "Defined Ambition" [ABSTRACT] [PRESENTATION]

Tachimoto Takahiro: Japanese pensions, under and after the low interest rates policy [ABSTRACT] [PRESENTATION]

Kenji Kusakabe: The impact and implication of the 2016 pension legislative revision in Japan [PAPER] [PRESENTATION]

Parallel: Justice in Pension Schemes | Presenter: Patricia Luna Maya IV

Daniel Antonio Elias: Regímenes previsionales contributivos - tasas de sustitución: determinación de un haber previsional razonable, justo y sustitutivo [PAPER]

Ignacio del Barco, Michael Smith: Professional Indemnity

Jacqueline Ruíz Hernández: Modelo de Puntaje Estadístico para la Evaluación de la Pobreza en México 2008-2014 [PAPER] [PRESENTATION]

19:00 23:00 Mexican Party and Dance! Hacienda Sisal
Tuesday June 6
8:00 8:30 Networking
8:30 10:15 Plenary: Regulating Pension Plans | Moderator: Jorge Leal Maya IV

Norma Alicia Rosas, Christelle Dieudonné, Carl Hansen

10:15 10:45 Coffee Break
10:45 12:15 Parallel: Longevity and its Consequences | Presenter: Nobu Shimizu Maya I

Tomoyuki Kubo: Necessary adjustments of pensions under ageing societies [PAPER] [PRESENTATION]

Takeshi Enta: Improvement of middle class's old age income [ABSTRACT]

Stephen Bonnar: Population Structure: Impact on Asset Values [ABSTRACT]

Parallel: Long Term Care | Presenter: Alejandro Turner Maya II

Sam Gutterman: Long Term Care [PAPER] [PRESENTATION]

Parallel: Recent Trends on Retirement and Pension Schemes | Presenter: Michael Smith Maya IV

Carlos Lozano: Cuantificación del Ciclo de vida como base para el diseño de planes de pensiones [ABSTRACT] [PRESENTATION]

Mikko Sankala: Adapting to changes in life expectancy in the Finnish earnings-related pension scheme [PAPER] [PRESENTATION]

12:15 13:30 Plenary: Maths in the Mayan World | Presenter: Carlos Lozano Maya IV

Luis Fernando Magaña

14:00 18:00 Box Lunch & Tour to Tulum Tulum
Wednesday June 7
8:00 9:45 Parallel: Responsible and Sustainable Investments | Presenters: Abe Hernández/ProTeak Maya IV

Rodrigo Ibarra Jarrín: Investment of Pension Funds in Reforestation and Forestry Projects: The Ecuatorian Case Proposal [PAPER] [PRESENTATION]

Royston Flude: Holographic Investments [PAPER]

Parallel: Modelling and Valuating Pension Schemes II | Presenter: Ernesto Rosas Maya V

Xiao Bai Zhu: Valuation of Bermudan-DB-Underpin Option [PAPER] [PRESENTATION]

Chun-Ming (George) Ma: Selecting Discount Rates for Assessing Funded Status of Target Benefit Plans [PAPER] [PRESENTATION]

Carmen Boado, John Turner: A Financial Assesment of the Chinese Pay-As-You-Go Pension System [PAPER] [PRESENTATION]

9:45 10:15 Coffee Break
10:15 12:00 Parallel: Modelling and Valuating Pension Schemes III | Presenter: Rodrigo Ibarra Maya IV

Octavio Rojas: Defining Posteriori Distribution of an Actuarial Forecasting: a Mixed Approach [PAPER] [PRESENTATION]

Knut Aase: The Life Cycle Model with Recursive Utility: Defined Benefit vs Defined Contribution? [PAPER] [PRESENTATION]

Parallel: Other Social Security Perspectives | Presenter: Yas Fujii Maya V

Ayse Arik: Investigation of Dependency between Short Rate and Transition Rate on Pension Buy-Outs [ABSTRACT] [PRESENTATION]

Georgios Symeonidis: Forging a new, solid social security system for Greece: The NTS proposal [PAPER] [PRESENTATION]

12:00 12:30 Check Out
12:30 14:00 Lunch, AGM & ICA Promoting Video Mikado
14:00 15:45 Panel: Conclusions & Awards Ceremony: Carlos Ramírez, Tom Terry, Abraham Hernández, Christelle Dieudonné, Yas Fujii Maya IV
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