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The IAA and the Central American Actuarial Association host a Workshop in Panama City

The Central American Actuarial Association (ACEA) and the Latin America Subcommittee of the IAA Advice and Assistance Committee collaborated with Willis Towers Watson to host a workshop entitled “Building a Canal from Data to Improved Results”. The workshop that took place immediately after the ASTIN/AFIR-ERM Colloquium, on Friday August 25th, was attended by 56 participants from countries such as: Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Czech Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom.

Experts from Willis Towers Watson led a full day session on predictive modeling and gave an overview of their basic applications. The agenda for this event provided participants an opportunity to learn from experts in this field and to engage through lively group discussions and a friendly competition amongst groups. The workshop was divided into 4 sessions:

  1. Data
  2. Predictive models
  3. Basic applications
  4. Further applications

For participants, this workshop was also an excellent opportunity to gain professional development. According to Mr. Rafael Campos, lead of the session: “Willis Towers Watson welcomed this opportunity to collaborate with the IAA on this workshop which enabled participants to strengthen their technical knowledge”. This activity reinforces the desire of the ACEA to make available more technical education options to actuaries from the region.

This activity supports the IAA’s mission to promote professionalism, develop education standards and encourage research while representing and promoting the role, reputation and recognition of the actuarial profession. Further, it contributes towards achieving the IAA’s strategic objective to support the development, organization and promotion of the actuarial profession in areas of the world in which it is not present or is not fully developed.

To learn more about the work of the Advice and Assistance Committee and its Subcommittees, contact the IAA Secretariat.

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Participants to the predictive modeling workshop: Building a Canal from Data to Improved Results