July 25, 2017 | version française

The IAA and the Actuarial Association of Sri Lanka host a Regional Seminar in Colombo

The Actuarial Association of Sri Lanka (AASL) in collaboration with the Asia Subcommittee of the IAA Advice and Assistance Committee organized a seminar in Colombo, Sri Lanka, presenting the benefits of a strong relationship among the profession and the regulator.

The seminar entitled “Actuarial Profession and the Regulator – Relationship for a Better Industry Practice” took place on July 14 and was attended by 37 people from: Canada, India, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and United States.

Tom Terry, IAA President, and Thanuja Krishnaratna, AASL President, welcomed the audience with opening remarks.

Presentations and panels included:

In a key session, Jules Gribble, Senior Policy Advisor of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS), chaired an engaging and thought-provoking panel on Managing Expectations which counted on the participation from 3 key constituencies: the actuarial profession, the industry and the regulator.

The AASL has committed to reach IAA Full Member status this year. Other developing actuarial associations seeking to become members of the IAA, and those wishing to establish new associations are encouraged to seek assistance from the IAA.

This activity supports the IAA’s mission to promote professionalism, develop education standards and encourage research while representing and promoting the role, reputation and recognition of the actuarial profession. Further, it contributes towards achieving the IAA’s strategic objective to support the development, organization and promotion of the actuarial profession in areas of the world in which it is not present or is not fully developed.

To learn more about the work of the Advice and Assistance Committee and its Subcommittees, contact the IAA Secretariat.

Participants to the seminar “Actuarial Profession and the Regulator – Relationship for a better Industry Practice”