October 25, 2016 | version française

IAA Discusses Co-operation with World Health Organization

IAA President Malcolm Campbell and members of the IAA’s Health Committee, Roseanne da Silva and Christelle Dieudonné, met with the World Health Organization (WHO) recently to discuss a range of issues where co-operation would be beneficial.

The meeting, held in Geneva, highlighted the actuarial profession’s work in health-related areas, such as cost trend forecasts, predictive modelling, personalized medicine, and forecasting the prevalence of diseases.

The participants identified areas of common interest, including research, standards of practice, and data mining in order to understand cost drivers and to manage fraud.

Their discussions resulted in a series of action items that could lead to a pooling of resources on key health issues, and a deepening relationship between the IAA and WHO. The IAA looks forward to further co-operation with the WHO, in this globally important field, and to opportunities for the actuarial profession to provide input into WHO initiatives.

To learn more about the work of the IAA in this area, please contact the Supranational Relations Manager at the IAA Secretariat.