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IAA Hosts Regional Development Seminar in Chile

The Sixth Actuarial Regional Seminar in Latin America was hosted by the Instituto de Actuarios Matemáticos de Chile (IAMCH), in collaboration with the International Actuarial Association (IAA) Fund.


The seminar took place on June 20-21, 2016 in Santiago, Chile and was attended by more than 130 participants representing 10 Latin American countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Venezuela) and Canada, Switzerland and United States.

Mr. Sergio Pizzagalli, President, Juan Alfredo García, Vice-President, of the IAMCH, and Tom Terry, IAA President-Elect offered opening remarks.


Other presentations in the agenda included:

The event closed with a panel moderated by Sergio Pizzagalli which addressed the seminar theme: The role of the actuary in modern society. This panel included representatives of the Chilean Insurance, Pensions, Social Security and Health regulators who presented their perspectives on the topic together with Tom Terry.

The IAMCH has committed to reach IAA Full Member status this year. Other developing actuarial associations seeking to become members of the IAA, and those wishing to establish new associations are encouraged to seek assistance from the IAA.

Tom Terry said: “I am thrilled that Chile is on the cusp of joining the international community of actuarial associations as a Full Member. The Chilean actuarial profession is moving forward quickly by focusing on the unique needs of Chilean society as well as the common needs of societies everywhere that expect and deserve sustainable financial security systems of the type actuaries everywhere are committed to serving. The IAA recognizes that actuarial practice around the world is built on common technology and common commitment to excellence and professionalism.  And yet, actuarial practice must also be highly tailored to the unique demands of local business, government and culture.”

This activity contributes towards achieving the IAA’s strategic objective to support the development, organization and promotion of the actuarial profession in areas of the world in which it is not present or is not fully developed. To learn more about the work of the IAA Fund, contact its Chief Executive, care of the Secretariat.


Tom Terry, IAA President-Elect, addressing the audience with opening remarks

Representatives of the Latin American Subcommittee and of the IAMCH


Participants on the panel The role of the actuary in modern society.