November 12, 2015 | version française

IAA Admits the Association Actuarielle au Togo as Associate Member


The IAA is pleased to announce that it has admitted the Association Actuarielle au Togo (AAT) as an Associate Member. The association was founded in 2012 and consists of 10 members. As a result, 29 organizations now have Associate membership status with the IAA, including 10 on the African continent, where there are also 5 Full Members. Associate status is normally the first step toward Full membership.

The AAT aims to encourage the development of the actuarial profession by providing members with the means to increase their knowledge and application of actuarial science. The AAT objectives are to promote and support the professional interests of its members and to collaborate with the development of the profession.

The AAT’s representatives have access to all IAA communications and can also attend regional seminars and IAA biannual meetings in order to stay up to date with developments in the international profession and network with their global peers.

Joining the IAA brings with it numerous benefits, including advice and assistance from various expert committees on issues such as codes of conduct, standards of practice, disciplinary processes, education criteria, and more. Support is provided through various regional subcommittees of the Advice & Assistance Committee to help Associate Members develop the necessary documentation to apply for Full Membership.

Admission as a Full Member follows a thorough process that includes a review of the applicant association’s education program; Code of Professional Conduct; formal discipline process; and, where applicable, formal process for the adoption of standards of practice. The Accreditation Committee reviews each of these documents to ensure compliance with IAA requirements, and the Education Committee determines whether the education requirements for a particular association or programme meet the standards set down in the IAA Education Syllabus and Guidelines.

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