November 21, 2013 | version fran├žaise

IAA Releases Paper on Intra-Group Reinsurance Transactions

The International Actuarial Association (IAA) is pleased to announce the completion of the paper on Intra-Group Reinsurance Transactions (IGRs) developed by the Reinsurance Subcommittee of the Insurance Regulation Committee.

IGRs are business transactions between insurance or reinsurance legal entities who are part of a re(insurance) group having the same ultimate parent company. These transactions are normally similar to transactions between an insurer and reinsurer who are unconnected, but the common ownership structure gives rise to additional issues that need to be considered by the different transacting parties, including supervisors.

The paper discusses:


President Kurt Wolfsdorf states, "Intra-Group Reinsurance is a common transaction used by many multinational groups to allocate capital efficiently among their worldwide operations. Many supervisors have concerns about subsidiaries with reliance on Intra-Group Reinsurance. The findings of this paper will be useful to both actuaries and supervisors".

To learn more about the work of the IAA on this topic, contact the Secretariat, care of the Chairperson of the Insurance Regulation Committee.

This paper is available on the website under Publications - Papers.