November 1, 2013 | version française

IAA Admits Three New Member Associations

The International Actuarial Association (IAA) is delighted to announce that it has admitted the Institute of Actuaries of Korea (IAK) as its sixty-fifth Full Member association. The IAK was founded in 1963 and joined the IAA as an Associate Member in 1998. It has a membership comprising 820 fully-qualified actuaries.

The IAA is also pleased to announce that it has admitted two associations as Associate Members: the Albanian Actuarial Association, and the Actuarial Society of Zambia, both founded in 2008 and consisting of 20 and 28 members respectively. As a result, the IAA now has 28 Associate Members.


Distribution of IAA members

Distribution of IAA members


Associate membership of the IAA is normally the first step toward Full Member status. Admission as a Full Member follows a thorough process that includes a review of the applicant association’s education program; Code of Professional Conduct; formal discipline process; and, where applicable, formal process for the adoption of standards of practice. The Accreditation Committee reviews each of these documents to ensure compliance with IAA requirements, and the Education Committee determines whether the education requirements for a particular association or programme meet the standards set down in the IAA Education Syllabus and Guidelines.

To learn more about membership in the IAA, contact the Secretariat.