April 17, 2013 | version française

IAA announces Section Colloquia for the year 2013

Two major international gatherings of actuaries will be hosted by the Sections of the International Actuarial Association (IAA) in 2013.

The first of these events is the Colloquium of the Actuarial Studies in Non-Life Insurance (ASTIN), organized by the Het Actuarieel Genootschap (AG) of the Netherlands. The colloquium will take place on May 21-24 at The Hague, Netherlands, in conjunction with the IAA Council & Committee meetings. The Colloquium's objective is to promote the publication of papers that contribute to the betterment and enhancement of the Actuarial Profession. It will cover 13 topics and will feature the following three distinguished keynote speakers from the actuarial and academic communities:

The AG will be celebrating its 125th anniversary on May 24th and colloquium participants are invited to register for this as well.

Soon afterwards the Institut des Actuaires of France will be hosting the joint Colloquium of three sections comprising of the Actuarial Approach for Financial Risks/Enterprise Risk Management (AFIR/ERM), Pension Benefits and Social Security (PBSS), and Life Insurance.  This Colloquium will take place on June 24 -26, in Lyon, France. The program contains parallel sessions to present topics on numerous papers, and features the following six distinguished keynote speakers:

Tours of Lyon, social events and dinners are all part of the program as well.

These important events help support the IAA’s strategic objectives to "encourage forums for actuaries to discuss global actuarial issues" and to "facilitate the use and expansion of the scientific knowledge and skills of the actuarial profession". To learn more about these events, contact the IAA Secretariat.