October 20, 2011
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IAA creates Environment Working Group

The IAA has created an Environment Working Group (EWG) to be chaired initially by its outgoing Secretary General, Yves Guérard. The IAA EWG will enable the sharing and exchange of information on a global basis and will facilitate the involvement of actuaries in responding to a challenge that is global.

The EWG will focus on using available information for developing a better understanding of the dimension and uncertainty of direct and indirect economic and behavioural effects of climate change and resource depletion, and other drivers of change in the environment. The EWG will be a forum for exchanging views and developing positions and responses to ensure that best practices emerge more quickly and are shared across the profession. Supporting the development of actuarial professionalism in this emerging field will benefit both practicing actuaries and the public and enhance and strengthen the credibility of the actuarial profession.

As an initial activity, the IAA supported a seminar organized by the Climate Risk and Insurance Project in Singapore on 18 October 2011 focusing on Interactions between the Private Sector and Asian Policymakers on Mitigation and Adaptation for Extreme Events and Climate Risk. This 3rd Climate Risk Seminar, organized by The Geneva Association jointly with the Institute of Catastrophe Risk Management (ICRM), was held at the Nanyang Executive Centre, NTU. The IAA was represented by Yves Guérard as Chair of the EWG.

To learn more about the work of the IAA on this topic, please contact the Chair of the Environment Working Group, care of the IAA Secretariat.

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