December 2, 2010

IAA Fund Meeting in Kazakhstan

The IAA Fund supported the Third Actuarial School in Kazakhstan on “Insurance and Pension Research: International Experience”. This event was held in conjunction with the 2nd CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) Congress of Actuaries, including a Professionalism Course, from October 25-30, 2010, in Almaty, Kazakhstan.  The Actuarial Society of Kazakhstan was founded in 2001, ten years after Kazakhstan became an independent state, and is working hard to establish the actuarial profession in this rapidly developing country of 17 million people in central Asia.

The previous IAA Fund meeting for Central and Eastern Europe took place in Moscow, Russia on November 27-29, 2008, at the invitation of the Russian Guild of Actuaries.

Lecturers in Almaty included David Ingram, incoming Chairperson of the IAA Enterprise and Financial Risk Committee, on the subject of CARE (Comprehensive Actuarial Risk Evaluation) and Esko Kivisaari, Chairperson of the IAA Pensions and Employee Benefits Committee, who spoke on capital requirements for pensions, ERM for pensions and pensions accounting issues. A third speaker was Asta Zviniene from the World Bank.  Tarmo Koll represented the IAA Advice & Assistance Committee as the incoming Chairperson and spoke about the IAA and the international actuarial profession, as well as leading a discussion at which representatives of the different CIS countries shared news and information about the development of the actuarial profession in their respective countries. The week ended with a one and half day professionalism course led by IAA Fund Chief Executive, Chris Daykin.  

The IAA Fund provided bursaries for six (6) participants from six (6) different countries in the region other than Kazakhstan and representatives from three (3) other countries also attended.  Apart from speakers, a total of 47 people attended the 2nd CIS Congress of Actuaries, 38 of whom were from Kazakhstan.  A total of 59 people attended the Professionalism Course, with 52 of them being from Kazakhstan.

The IAA owes sincere thanks to the Actuarial Society of Kazakhstan for hosting the meeting and for the support provided. 

To learn more about the work of the IAA Fund, contact the IAA Secretariat, care of the Chief Executive of the Fund.

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