Using Actuarial Reports – Getting the Added Value

In this session entitled “Using Actuarial Reports – Getting the Added Value” the speakers will de-mystify the supervisory task of using actuarial reports even for those without an actuarial background. Actuaries fulfill key roles within insurers. Their work and subsequent reports are valuable to various stakeholders, including supervisors. However, due to the complexity of actuarial work it can be difficult for stakeholders, including supervisors to adequately understand the consequent implications for assessing insurer risk and capital management, policyholder protection and even the quality of the actuarial work itself. Based on their experience in supervision and in industry, the speakers will share their experiences through examples for both life and non-life. Participants will have opportunities to engage with the speakers during the webinar in a combination of quizzes, live polls and/or question periods. By the end of the webinar participants will have received practical guidance on measures they can use to get added value from actuarial reports.

Resource Materials: Case Study (Estudio de caso) (Étude de cas)

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Britta Hay, FSA, CERA, PRM

Britta is a consulting actuary and risk manager based in Kingston, Jamaica. Passionate about sharing knowledge, she’s a lecturer in the Actuarial Science and Enterprise Risk Management programmes at the University of the West Indies. With experience in consulting, regulation and education Britta can see actuarial problems from many perspectives, which helps her clarify actuarial concepts and communicate results to those who will use them. Britta received her degrees in mathematics from Imperial College London.

Stuart Wason, FSA, FCIA, Hon FIA

With more than 40 years of actuarial and supervisory management experience, Stuart continues to be actively involved in the work of the actuarial profession. He currently serves as Chair of the IAA’s Insurance Regulation Committee (IRC) as well as serving as the IAA Delegate to the IAALS Board. He served as Senior Director, Actuarial Division of the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada (OSFI) from September 2007 until he retired in April 2016. Mr. Wason was actively involved from 2008-2015 in international regulatory matters as OSFI’s representative to the International Association of Insurance Supervisors’ Insurance Groups Sub-Committee (IGSC) and also to the Joint Forum.

Focus on Asia - Pacific
Tuesday, January 19, 2021 

 07:00 Dubai
 08:30 Mumbai, New Delhi

 10:00 Bangkok, Jakarta
 11:00 Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur
 12:00 Seoul, Tokyo
 14:00 Sydney
 16:00 Auckland
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Focus on Caribbean, Latin America and Africa
Thursday, February 11, 2021 

09:00  Mexico City, San Salvador
10:00  Bogota, Lima
12:00  Buenos Aires, Santiago
15:00  Accra
16:00  Lagos
17:00  Cape Town
18:00  Kampala, Nairobi

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