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ASTIN + Education = ASTIN Academy

The ASTIN Academy is pleased to have sponsored the development of a short course on loss data analytics, targeting at people who are rather new to this area and want to learn and practice actuarial techniques.
You will find a fully interactive and helpful online course by clicking the link below.

Mission of ASTIN Academy

The mission of the ASTIN Academy is to provide high quality free educational materials in non-life insurance to actuarial students across the world. The Academy is committed to open course development under Creative Commons license and seeks innovation in teaching methodologies and application of technology. Let’s build the future of actuarial education together.

ASTIN Academy is in progress

Our first project, the short course, was authored by an international team (15 contributors from four countries) and we are hopeful that it can be used globally - international participation is very welcome.

As another example of international outreach, the Academy is sponsoring the development of a Spanish translation of the open book Loss Data Analytics (the book that the short course is based on). To view this work, see

We would be happy to hear from volunteers as we seek to push similar projects forward. Please address comments and questions to the ASTIN Academy co-chairs, Miyuki Ebisaki,  and Jed Frees.

Please click here to access this content in Spanish 


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