Papers Under Development

The list of papers below are currently in various levels of development by their respective committees/working groups. A link is provided for information purposes only. They are not to be considered official IAA papers until approved. 

 Type Committee/Working Group Title Status
WGP Banking WG Actuarial Techniques in Banking Re-drafting
CP Climate Risk TF Importance of Climate-Related Financial Risks for Actuaries
CP Insurance Regulation Cttee Risk Book Chapters: Financial Statements; Dynamic Hedging/ERM Failures; Climate Change Risk Drafting
CP IFRS 17 TF Quality Assurance / Governance  Initiatives on IFRS 17 Finalizing
WGP Mortality WG Epidemics/Pandemics Re-drafting
WGP Population Issues WG Actuarial Perspectives on Inequality Re-drafting
WGP Population Issues WG Fertility Proposal
WGP  Population Issues WG
Global population projections by the UN Drafting
WGP Resource & Environment WG
Risks to Water Resources
WGP  Resource & Environment WG
Climate Change Adaption Drafting
WGP Resource & Environment WG
Pension Fund Environmental and Social Risks Disclosure Drafting
CP Social Security
Measuring and Balancing Adequacy and Sustainability in Social Security Programs Re-drafting

  • CP: Committee Paper
  • WGP: Working Group Paper
  • PS: Public Statement
  • TBD: To be determined