Papers Under Development

The list of papers below are currently in various levels of development by their respective committees/working groups. A link is provided for information purposes only. They are not to be considered official IAA papers until approved. 

 Type Committee/Working Group Title Status
WGP Banking WG Application of Actuarial Skills in Banking Review
WGP Big Data WG Insurance Principle in the Age of Big Data, But do we need insurers? Proposal 
WGP Big Data WG Big Data and Professionalism Proposal 
CP Health Cttee Healthcare Actuaries and Big Data Re-drafting
CP Insurance Regulation Cttee Risk Book Chapters: Stress Testing; Dynamic Hedging Drafting
CP Social Security Ctte Measuring and Balancing Adequacy and Sustainability in Social Security ProgramsAccounting for Liabilities of Social Security Systems  Proposal 
CP IFRS 17 Task Force Quality Assurance / Governance  Initiatives on IFRS 17  FMA Review
WGP Population Issues WG Actuarial Perspectives on Inequality Drafting 
WGP Population Issues WG Basic Income Guarantee  Proposal 
WGP Resource & Environment WG
Climate Change, Insurance and Vulnerable Populations Review 

  • CP: Committee Paper
  • WGP: Working Group Paper
  • PS: Public Statement
  • TBD: To be determined