Event Description

EAA Web Session: IFRS 17: The Variable Fee Approach – Basics and Challenges

Starting from the revenue recognition concepts of fee-based services, we will discuss the qualification criteria of IFRS 17 for the VFA. Basis are certain contractual features, including the identification of the underlying items belonging to the contract. Further conditions need to be met to qualify insurer’s share in the surplus as (variable) fee. Other contractual features like inheritance and mutualisation may add complexity to the measurement of the cash flows under a contract and their effect is explained. Changes of the overall variable fee expected to be received under the influences the subsequent measurement of the Contractual Service Margin, the key difference of the VFA to the general model. The explanation of those differences will be the main part of the second session. However, the seminar cannot focus on consequences and solutions for specific jurisdictions.

From 25 May 2022
to 01 Jun 2022

URL: https://actuarial-academy.com/seminars/seminar?No=E0310
Format: Virtual
Organizaton: External Organization - EAA - European Actuarial Academy GmbH
Status: Active