Microinsurance Working Group

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Webinar - Session 3: Pricing Inclusive Insurance in the Midst of a Pandemic at
the International Conference of Inclusive Insurance (ICII) 2020 - Digital Edition on 2 November 2020
Moderated by Nigel Bowman, Speakers: Denis Garand and Jeff Blacker

Webinars - Actuarial Techniques to Help You Better Understand Risk & Opportunity
Part 1 held on 24 January 2019 at 12 p.m. GMT
Moderated by Jules Gribble, Speakers: Henry Yan and Eamon Kelly

Part 2 held on 7 February 2019 at 12 p.m. GMT
Moderated by Nigel Bowman, Speakers: Gayane Arsenyan and Seth Eshun
  • Recording of Webinar click here:  Recording
  • Copy of Presentation click here:   Adobe PDF

Click here to go to the page to access the paper and toolkit - Assessing Risk and Proportionate Actuarial Services in Inclusive Insurance Markets - An Educational Paper ad Toolkit - Published November 2018

Actuarial Training Modules for Microinsurance – A Microinsurance Toolkit
  • Addressing the Gap in Actuarial Services in Inclusive Insurance Markets This paper outlines the current context and challenges in providing qualified actuarial resources in microinsurance markets and proposes a number of suggestions intended to address these challenges. The paper also explores avenues for further development and collaboration between the IAA and IAIS in this area. The paper identifies a number of key issues in inclusive insurance markets, such as:
    1. A need for suitably qualified or experienced professionals;
    2. Limited supply of actuarial capacity in microinsurance markets;
    3. A lack of understanding of the contribution that actuaries can make to microinsurance programmes; and
    4. The importance of balancing supply and demand for actuarial services.
Workshop on the Need for Actuarial Services and Training Actuarial Technicians in Developing Countries – The Hague, Netherlands – 22 May 2013

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