Young Actuaries World Cup


The Young Actuaries World Cup (YAWC) is a friendly global competition between young actuaries (under 35) with the following objectives:

1. Engage young actuaries on topical issues;
2. Provide an opportunity for young actuaries to showcase their skills under the framework of the profession's premier global event: the International Congress of Actuaries (ICA); and
3. Ensure that younger generations see themselves represented within the IAA and its member associations.

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      Young Actuaries World Cup Rules Book - Where you will find all the details of the competition!  

Competition Theme: 

The YAWC theme is aligned with the ICA 2023 theme: "Bridge to Tomorrow"
Participants can make their own interpretation of the theme which could cover issues such as but not limited to

  • New Areas in which actuarial skills are being used.
  • How actuaries can contribute to a better society.
  • Innovative ways of tackling some big issues.
  • The opportunities and limits of data analytics and AI.
  • Formula or mathematical equation: could be an innovative design or a new usage.
  • Product : present a new product or give to an existing one a new usage or new features, etc.
  • Data Analytics: provide insights into how data is analyzed or the results that derive from that.
  • Climate issues: how can actuaries contribute to knowledge in this area.

Competition Requirements:
1. Being born after June 1st, 1988.
2. Being a member of any Full or Associate Member Association of the IAA.
3. Create a video no longer than 7 minutes developing the topic you will address related to the theme of the competition. 
4. On or before 31st October 2022 at 8am ET, submit your video to from the IAA Secretariat including all the information outlined in the Rules Book!
Language: English. However, the IAA values inclusiveness and the level of English used by the participants shall not be considered by the judges. Participants may subtitle their videos to ensure understanding.
An initial review of all videos will be made to ensure appropriateness. All participating videos will be posted on the IAA YouTube channel and actuview/actupool. Finalists videos will also be posted on the ICA 2023 platform. 

Competition Timeframe:
1. August 8th, 2022: Competition opens to all young actuaries interested to submit videos with their views about "Bridge to Tomorrow"
2. October 31st, 2022: Last day to submit your video to be part of the 1st Young Actuaries World Cup Competition. 
3. December 8th, 2022: Announcement of quarter finalists.
4. January 2023: Quarter-Finals competition per Continental Zone.
5. January 31st, 2023: Announcement of Semi-Finalists.
6. February 9th, 2023: Last day to submit potential video update.
7. February 2023: Semi-Finalists competition.
8. March 31st, 2023: Four Finalists Announcement.
9. May 22nd, 2023: Deadline for finalists to submit potential video update.
10. May 28th, 2023: Start of the ICA.
11. May 31st, 2023: ICA Closing Ceremony - World Champion Announcement.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Karla Zuniga ( at the IAA office.

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