Young Actuaries World Cup

We are pleased to announce Thomas Herbin winner of the 1st Young Actuaries World Cup. 

    Thomas Herbin, representing the Institut des Actuaires (France), was selected the winner of the 1st Young Actuaries World Cup (YAWC). 
On May 31st, 2023 IAA President, Ms. Micheline Dionne,  announced and presented the trophy to the winner during the closing ceremony of the International Congress of Actuaries (ICA) 2023 in Sydney, Australia.
Thomas, was accompanied to the stage by the other 3 YAWC finalists who won the opportunity to travel to Australia to attend the ICA: Cissy Zhang, Penelope Drastik and José Miguel Flores-Contró.
We would like to congratulate all participants for submitting their ideas of a "Bridge to Tomorrow" and we would like to encourage them to participate at the 2nd Young Actuaries World Cup.



The Young Actuaries World Cup (YAWC) is a friendly global competition between young actuaries (under 35) with the following objectives:

1. Engage young actuaries on topical issues;
2. Provide an opportunity for young actuaries to showcase their skills under the framework of the profession's premier global event: the International Congress of Actuaries (ICA); and
3. Ensure that younger generations see themselves represented within the IAA and its member associations.

Watch the video. What is this about!

      Young Actuaries World Cup Rules Book - Where you will find all the details of the competition!  

What's next!

The 4 finalists will play the finals at the International Congress of Actuaries (ICA) 2023, in Sydney, Australia.

General Competition Timeframe:

1. August 8th, 2022: Competition opens to all young actuaries interested to submit videos with their views about "Bridge to Tomorrow"
2. October 31st, 2022: Last day to submit your video to be part of the 1st Young Actuaries World Cup Competition. 
3. December 8th, 2022: Announcement of quarter finalists.  
4. January 2023: Quarter-Finals competition per Continental Zone.
Monday January 9th, 2023. 8:00am - 9:30am ET Africa Continental Zone Quarter Finals. View the video recording!
    Thursday January 12th, 2023. 8:00am - 9:30am ET Asia Continental Zone Quarter Finals. View the video recording!
    Monday January 16th, 2023. 8:00am - 9:30am ET European Continental Zone Quarter Finals. View the video recording!
    Thursday January 19th, 2023. 8:00am - 9:30am ET Latin America Continental Zone Quarter Finals. View the video recording!
    Monday January 23rd, 2023. 8:00am - 9:30am ET North America Continental Zone Quarter Finals. View the video recording!
    Thursday January 26th, 2023. 3:00am - 4:30am ET Oceania Continental Zone Quarter Finals. View the video recording!
5. January 31st, 2023: Announcement of Semi-Finalists.
6. February 9th, 2023: Last day to submit potential video update.
7. February 2023: Semi-Finalists competition.
8. March 31st, 2023: Four Finalists Announcement.
9. May 22nd, 2023: Deadline for finalists to submit potential video update.
10. May 28th, 2023: Start of the ICA.
11. May 31st, 2023: ICA Closing Ceremony - World Champion Announcement.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Karla Zuniga ( at the IAA office.
Did you miss the webinar announcing the quarter finalists? Watch it here.

Meet the 1st Young Actuaries World Cup Participants

 Semi Finalists    
     Video title: Geographic Smoothing for Equitable School Funding
Matthew Gliebe
Continental zone: North America
Short biography: 
Matthew was born and raised in Chicago and completed his bachelors from Northwestern University in Mathematics and Jewish Studies. Afterwards, he began working as an actuary for Allstate Insurance Company first supporting home and auto pricing and then migrating to the Pricing Analytics COE on the Modeling and Major Initiatives team.
     Video title: Bridge to an AI Tomorrow
Name: Dorota Kowalczyk 
Continental zone: Africa
Short biography: I am a Fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa and I work as a pricing actuary in the life insurance industry. I am extremely passionate about machine learning, and I believe that there is significant opportunity in augmenting actuarial tools and processes with machine learning. This combination of actuarial thinking and skills that leverage machine learning and data science will maximise the value actuaries offer society. I believe this will unlock countless possibilities and solutions for complex and difficult problems.
     Video title: It's all up to the Business Case
Name: Cissy Zhang
Continental zone: Oceania
Short biography: Cissy enjoys writing jokes and making animations and works in a product development role in Life Insurance. Her video focuses all three of the above. She works at Vitality as Product Actuary in London.
     Video title: A Bridge to Inclusive Insurance
Name: José Miguel Flores Contró
Continental zone: Latin America and Caribbean. 
Short biography: Born in Mexico with a bachelor of science from the Universidad Autónoma de México and an MS from Universitat Pompeu Fabra. José Miguel is a PhD Candidate in Actuarial Science at the Université de Lausanne, Switzerland. His research interest include: inclusive insurance, ruin theory and machine learning.
     Video title: Rethinking ESG: Addressing Tomorrow's Risks Today
Name: Penelope Drastik
Continental zone: Oceania
Short biography: Penny has worked in the Life Pricing and Data Team at BGL Insurance for just over a year. After completing her degree in mathematics, she spent two years running her own tutoring business before moving from Australia to the UK and starting her actuarial career. Outside of work, Penny enjoys birdwatching, gaming and big band music. She is also a strong chess player and has played for Australia in the World Cup!
     Video title: Industrial Revolution 5.0 - Positioning of Actuaries in Driving Sustainability
Name: Mika Lam Wang Hon
Continental zone: Asia
Short biography: Mika is currently serving the Singapore Armed Forces in 6th Army Maintenance Base, which is the Centre of Excellence for the maintenance of Army's sensors.
He has just completed GCE A-Levels and will be commencing his studies in the School of Economics with double major in Actuarial Science at Singapore Management University in 2 years' time after mandatory National Service. 
Mika has completed 1 of the 5 professional examinations towards the professional designation of Associate of the Society of Actuaries (ASA) under the Society of Actuaries (SoA). He is currently preparing for the second ASA examination in 1 month.
     Video title: An Actuary’s Role in Climate Change Solutions
Name: Devyn McNicoll
Continental zone: North America
Short biography: Devyn McNicoll has over ten years of experience in the property casualty insurance industry.   She is an Associate Member of the Casualty Actuarial Society (ACAS) and has led actuarial teams at several auto, homeowners, and commercial focused companies.  Devyn received her BA in Pure Mathematics from the University of North Carolina – Asheville and her MS in Statistics at North Carolina State University.  Her professional actuarial expertise includes predictive modeling, ratemaking, traditional statistical methods, actuarial rate/rule filings, reserve estimating, data visualization and management.  
     Video title: Car Insurance: a bridge to carbon footprint reduction
Name: Herbin Thomas
Continental zone: Europe
Short biography: Actuarial Consultant at KPMG Advisory France, Thomas works mainly o regulatory issues (Solvency 2, IFRS 17) for life and health Insurance companies. He is also member of the ESG workshop within the KPMG France's Actuarial team.
Thomas has a MsC from Strasbourg University and is member of the French Institute of Actuaries since his graduation, in 2018.
  Video titleComparison of feature importance by fine tuning.
Name: Takanori Namekawa 
Continental zone: Asia
Short biography: Employed at Sumitomo Life Insurance Company since April 2017, where he is responsible for EV Measurement and EV measurement model development

    Video title:A Bridge to a Net Zero Future
Name: Catrin Townsend
Continental zone: Europe
Short biography: FIA with over a decade of experience of pricing and reserving roles in general insurance, at both Lloyd's syndicates and global insurers. She currently leads a pricing team at AXA UK and is author of A Risky Business: An Actuary's Guide to Quantifying and Managing Risk in Society. 

    Video title: Earthquake (EO) Index Insurance for Commercial lines in Japan
Name: Naoki Hamaguchi
Continental zone: Asia
Short biography: Naoki has been working for non-life insurance company, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, since 2013. He has been in charge of property insurance for commercial lines since 2017 as an underwriter and an pricing actuary, engaged mainly in underwriting, product development, rate validation and rate revision. He has experienced financial risk management for 4 years before the current department, mainly calculated Value at Risk for the market and credit risk to confirm that the investment risk taken is aligned with the risk preference policy. 

    Video title: Using the K-Nearest Neighbor Machine Learning model to predict whether future potential customers for a life insurance company should be offered an insurance policy or not based on past known data.
Name: Chitsidzo Dengura
Continental zone: Oceania
Short biography: Originally from Zimbabwe, Chitsidzo is on his second year Bachelor of Actuarial Studies at Macquarie University in Sydney Australia and a student member of the Actuaries Institute Australia. He has a passion for Data Science, Mathematics and Economics. He has taken part in Mathematics research and worked on various Data Science projects.

    Video title: Beyond COVID-19
Name: Junki Sakata
Continental zone: Asia
Short biography: Junki has been employed at Nippon Life Insurance company since April 2014 where he is responsible for product development for corporate clients.

    Video title: The Future Roles of the Actuarial Profession
Name: Han Xue
Continental zone: Asia
Short biography: Han Xue joined the Actuarial Department of China Life Insurance Company Limited after graduating from the Central University of Finance and Economics in 2016.Her major practice is embedded value valuation and management. She participates in several actuarial projects including Long-Term Care projects, EV standards revision projects, Third Pilar projects, etc.
    Video title: Actuaries will become important promoters of risk reduction management.
Name: Zihan Sun
Continental zone: Asia
Short biography: Zihan Sun majored in mathematics as an undergraduate and specialized in actuarial science as a graduate student. After graduation he has been engaged in insurance product development, reserve evaluation, actuarial analysis and application, etc. He worked in grassroots organizations for one year. Combining theory and practice, he wrote two papers on the reform of the Internet short-tern health insurance and inclusive employer insurance.
    Video title: Climate risk |Insights for short term insurers to consider
Name: Jeanine Wilson
Continental zone: Africa
Short biography: Jeanine is a senior manager in the General Insurance practice of Deloitte Actuarial and Insurance Solutions (AIS). She has over 11 years of consulting experience mainly in the South African industry with some experience in the UK and other African markets. She has a practising certificate in short term insurance and microinsurance. Jeanine is a qualified actuary whose expertise is within the general insurance and microinsurance actuarial field, with particular focus on financial reporting (IFRS 4, IFRS 17 and Solvency and Assessment Management) reserving and model building.

     Video title: The Bridge to Tomorrow: Actuaries and Social Inclusion
Name: Renan Kae Hou Wu
Continental zone: Latin America and Caribbean
Short biography: Renan is a young actuary with experience in life insurance, reinsurance and pension funds. Over these past 4 years, he has been working in the reinsurance department of Mongeral Aegon (Dutch Brazilian company).
Renan is always eager to gain new knowledge and to try new challenges. As such, he has taken part in the "Insurtech Innovation Program", an innovation program in the insurance market. He was a monitor in several disciplines in college, during graduation. 
He is a member of the Brazilian Institute of Actuaries (IBA), currently studying for his fourth Society of Actuaries (SoA) exam.

    Video title: Broader Space and Bigger Role - The Future of the Actuarial Profession Against AI
Name: Liang Tian
Continental zone: Asia
Short biography: 

20112015: BS in Finance, Minor in Applied Mathematics, Peking University, Beijing
2015-2017: MS in Actuarial Science, Columbia University, New York
2017 till now: Actuary in Sunshine Insurance Group in China. The main work includes life reserve valuation, solvency valuation (China Risk-Oriented Solvency System, C-ROSS) and IFRS17 implementation. Participated in the C-ROSS Phase II Project leaded by China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) in 2018-2021.

    Video Title: Optimal Investment of Defined Contribution Pension Plans -to prepare for aging society
Name: Yoshiki Nagayama
Continental zone: Asia
Short biography: Yoshiki has been passionate about mathematics since childhood and characterizes himself as a person who enjoys to laugh. He holds a master's degree from Osaka University. His research includes mathematical finance, stochastic process theory, mathematical optimization and differential equations. 
Yoshiki has been working at Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company since 2019. For 3 years, he worked in the Pension Actuarial Office, where he is involved in account settlement operations, pension plan design, and retirement benefit accounting. He is interested in enhancing retirement benefit plans as a contribution to social issues. 
    Video title: The Global Actuary: A Programmer's Perspective
Name: Roberto Carcache Flores
Continental zone: Europe
Short biography: I hold a Bachelor's in Economics and Master's in Actuarial Science. I have past work experience as a programmer/consultant in projects related to security funded by US agencies. I currently work as a Researcher at VITALIS, Today for Tomorrow, where I mainly focus on financial modelling, basic alpha capture, and backtesting asset management strategies. I'm also an Actuary at the Institute of Portuguese Actuaries (IAP). 
    Video title: Building Resilient Young Actuaries: The Superstructure for the Bridge to Tomorrow
Name: Oluwaseun Isaac Oyelere
Continental zone: Africa
Short biography: Oyelere Oluwaseun is the Nigerian Country Director of the African Association of Young Insurance Professionals (YIPs Africa), the Chairman - Accident Offices Committee of the Nigerian Insurers Association and the Team Lead, Financial Institutions & Direct Corporate SBU at Linkage Assurance Plc. He is a Member of the Nigerian Actuarial Society, an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria, a Graduate Member of the Nigerian Institute of Management, and a Student Member of the CAA (Global). He holds an MBA (Finance) from the University of Lagos and a BSc. in Economics from Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Osun State.
    Video title: Microsimulation modelling - Bridging to a better tomorrow 
Name: Titus Rotich
Continental zone: Oceania
Short biography: Titus is a lecturer of actuarial science at the University of Eldoret, Kenya, a lecturer of actuarial studies at the Australian National University and a PhD in actuarial studies candidate at the Australian National University. Titus also has experience in pensions and life insurance. He is interested in applying actuarial techniques in health economic and universal health coverage issues and has made various presentations at conferences. Titus has developed a microsimulation model that can be used to estimate malaria costs in Kenya and generate evidence to support vaccination policy recommendations. 
    Video title: Improving the Global Actuarial Practice with Artificial intelligence and Data Science
Name: Oyewole Ifedamola
Continental zone: Africa
Short biography: I am Ifedamola Oyewole, a graduate of Actuarial Science, University of Lagos. I currently work with Coronation Life Assurance Ltd as an Actuarial Analyst, where I help with the inhouse actuarial function and also liaise with the Company’s appointed external actuary. I am passionate about knowledge gathering in the risk management and data analysis field.
    Video title: A bridge to common prosperity
Name: Jiuling Lu
Continental zone: Europe
Short biography: The first Certified Actuarial Analyst in mainland of China. Employed by Agricultural Bank of China since 2015, which is ranked 29 around the world by Fortune 500 Magazine and top 4 bank in China, now is an manager of private banking department in Chongqing branch.
    Video title: Bridging the gap between industries and social development initiatives
Name: David James Hatherell
Continental zone: Africa
Short biography: David is a Fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa and as well as a Certified Enterprise Risk Actuary. His career started in the banking industry where he was responsible for residential mortgage expected loss modelling. He joined Gen Re in 2019 and has enjoyed using research and analytics to find innovative solutions that address existing challenges across multiple regions. David’s best weekends are spent helping talented people find their way as they enter university or the world of work.
    Video title: EasyLife makes our life easier
Name: Angelika Zakrzewska
Continental zone: Europe
Short biography: Angelika Zakrzewska is a Risk Manager in Model Development L&S at AXA. She is responsible for SST, S2 and IFRS17 calculations, providing actuarial & digital solutions in the DFA model. She studied finance and quantity methods at the university SGH (Warsaw School of Economics) in Poland with SAS and actuarial specialization.  She is a qualified SAA actuary.
    Video title: Actuarial Science, climate Change, Risk, Data analysis and improvement
Name: Jemimah Mwaba
Continental zone: Africa
Short biography: In this video, you’ll learn who an actuary is and what they do. You’ll also be able to know and discover new areas and roles that they can get involved in. This video also reveals that actuarial science is not only about insurance. Enjoy the video!
    Video title: Data science reform when teaching actuarial science courses
Name:  Zhengxiao li 
Continental zone: Asia
Short biography:  Zhengxiao Li got his PhD degree in Economics from Renmin University of China in 2017. He joined School of Insurance and Economics at the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in 2017 after his graduation and is currently an associate professor there. Li’s main research interests include actuarial and statistic modelling, dependence risk measures and catastrophes risk management. He has published several papers in Insurance Mathematics and Economics, ASTIN Bulletin: The Journal of the IAA, et al. He has an ongoing project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, an innovation team project of the University of International Business and Economics, and developed the R software package: rMGLReg.
    Video title: The future of insurance: how actuaries can ensure that society is served
Name:  Adam George
Continental zone: Asia
Short biography:  Adam moved to Singapore in September 2018 and currently works for Berkley in a mixed pricing and reserving role, covering both direct insurance and reinsurance. Prior to this, he worked for Asia Capital Reinsurance as a pricing actuary. He has been a member of the IFoA GI Asia International Working Party since 2019. He has covered topics including artificial intelligence, cyber risk, climate change and claims inflation for various working groups. Before moving to Singapore, he worked in the general insurance market in London for 5 years, where he qualified as a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries
     Video title: Closing the gaps in protecting personal data via Privacy Law and personal cyber Insurance in Australia
Name: Yi Ding
Continental zone: Asia
Short biography: Yi has worked in National Disability Insurance Agency since August this year. She previously worked in consulting with particular focus on workers compensation and general insurance for 3 years. She studied in Perth and graduated from Curtin University with an Actuarial Science degree and recently moved to Sydney. She has recently completed Part I and II from Actuaries Institute and qualified as an Associate Actuary (AIAA). Outside work, she enjoys playing tennis, basketball and hiking. 
     Video title: Bridge to Tomorrow: Financial Literacy
Name: Vuyiswa Mathebula
Continental zone: Africa
Short biography: Vuyiswa is a South African Actuarial Analyst. After graduating from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Business in Actuarial Science in 2020, she briefly worked in investments before joining the Research and Analytics team at Gen Re South Africa. She comes from a very humble upbringing, as such, she is very passionate about using her career to make an impact on the lives of those in lower socioeconomic classes. In her spare time, she enjoy reading, drawing, running and Zumba.
     Video title: Who can save the world - if not actuaries?!
Name: Jan Küthe
Continental zone: Europe
Short biography: Jan Küthe is an Actuary (DAV) from Germany and works at Akur8 as an Actuarial Data Scientist to help insurance companies unlock the potentials of twenty-first century pricing methods. Before that he has been working in a global Actuarial Consultancy for three years. He holds a Master degree in Mathematics from the University of Bonn and is an avid reader of the books of Anna Seghers and Dietmar Dath.
    Video title: Bridge to Tomorrow: The Balance Between Solving Problems "Out There" and Investing in Ourselves 
Name: Andrew Hetherington
Continental zone: Europe
Short biography: Andrew is a recently qualified UK actuary with experience across pensions and insurance.  He currently work in the actuarial analytics team for an insurer in the Lloyd’s market, where he analyses data and help develop tools to support his firm’s underwriters with their decision-making.  Really understanding the detail of a problem as well as how it connects to the top-level strategy is challenging but rewarding.  He also co-leads my company’s LGBTQ+ employee network and  volunteers for the IFoA’s Sustainability Early Careers Board.  Outside of work, he enjoy languages and he's currently trying to pick up some German.
     Video title: The actuary's role in closing the economic gap
Name: Ashley Bybee
Continental zone: North America
Short biography: Ashley Bybee is a US Business Development Lead at Akur8. Ashley is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries and has a M.S in Actuarial Science from Columbia University. She started her career as a consulting actuary before transitioning into the insurtech world. At Akur8, Ashley works with leading insurance carriers to empower their teams with greater pricing sophistication and transform their pricing process with Transparent Machine Learning.
    Video title: “Go Green” in Property and Casualty Insurance
Name: Wendy Pui Yi Lai 
Continental zone: Asia
Short biography: Wendy Pui Yi Lai is currently a final-year undergraduate student at the University of Hong Kong, pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Science and a minor in Economics. In her studies, Wendy is focusing on mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in insurance, while also furthering her knowledge of economics theories. Her academic and career interest focus on long-term insurance coverage such as life insurance, annuity and pension. Upon completion of undergraduate studies, she is going to pursue an actuarial career in a life insurance company and hopes to create betterment for society through the actuarial profession.

     Video title: Climate Risks & How Actuaries can Help
Charmaine Ho Jia Min
Continental zone: Asia
Short biography: 
Charmaine is an Actuarial Analyst at Coherent. She is part of the actuarial team in Singapore and her interest lies in exploring Actuarial and ESG related solutions. 
Charmaine’s career started as a freshly graduated actuarial analyst in Singlife with Aviva, where she gained many life insurance valuation and reporting experience. At Coherent, Charmaine works on developing novel use cases for Spark, researching various new technologies and providing support for actuarial related projects. 
She is passionate about researching on climate related issues, and understanding how ESG related risks can be modelled and automated.
     Video title: Bio-Insurance - The Future of Renewable Energy Insurance
Lucy Nondi
Continental zone: Africa
Short biography: 
Lucy is a qualified actuary and has experience in insurtech, regulation, and compliance within the insurance industry. She currently works as an Assistant Actuarial Manager at Jubilee Insurance Company of Kenya where she in charge of pricing, valuation, and supports IFRS17 implementation. She has previously worked as an Actuarial Officer at the Insurance Regulatory Authority - Kenya and as a Lead Business Analyst at Turnkey Africa, a company that provides software solutions to insurance companies across the African continent. She holds a Master’s Degree in Actuarial Management from City, University of London, and a BSc Degree in Actuarial Science from the University of Nairobi. She is passionate on ESG and is a founding member of the Taskforce on ESG (ESG Africa), created by The Actuarial Society of Kenya and FSD Africa to drive and support readiness of the financial sector in managing ESG risks and in supporting green finance.
     Video title: Bridge to an AI Tomorrow
Name: Dorota Kowalczyk 
Continental zone: Africa
Short biography: I am a Fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa and I work as a pricing actuary in the life insurance industry. I am extremely passionate about machine learning, and I believe that there is significant opportunity in augmenting actuarial tools and processes with machine learning. This combination of actuarial thinking and skills that leverage machine learning and data science will maximise the value actuaries offer society. I believe this will unlock countless possibilities and solutions for complex and difficult problems.
     Video title: Bridge to an actuarial profession
Mitsuru Togashi
Continental zone: Asia
Short biography: 
Graduated from graduate school in March 2022 and joined PwC in April 2022. Since joining the company, he has been involved projects such as financial year-end support and audit work.
     Video title: Economic Value Based Capital Regulation in Japan
Name: Yuki Miyazaki
Continental zone: Asia
Short biography: Yuki did information science and engineering as his master’s degree in University of Tokyo. He has been working for Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company since 2019. He has mainly been involved in valuation of liabilities and overseas business projects.
     Video title: Climate-related Litigation Risk: The Third Arm of Climate Risk
Namir Chowdhury
Continental zone: Europe
Short biography: 
Namir is a senior actuarial and sustainable finance consultant at EY, specialising in climate risk modelling, supply chain diversity and climate litigation risk, including co-authoring a seminal paper with the PRA. Meanwhile, he also is active in the advocacy and change-making world, namely in his role as the elected Regional Representative for Europe & the Americas on the Commonwealth Youth Council, the first ever to do so from Europe; in this role, he represents the 1.4 billion young people of the Commonwealth by influencing global policy with key decision-makers, namely the Presidents and Prime Ministers across the Commonwealth.
     Video title: An evolution of actuary
Shiqi Yan 
Continental zone: Asia
Short biography:
Shiqi is a PhD student majoring in actuarial insurance in Central University of Finance and Economics. She started to study actuarial science when she was an undergraduate and decided to continue her study in this major. After graduation, she got the quota of direct doctorate in her university. Now she is in the second year of doctoral study.
     Video title: Actuarial Control Cycle
Nonhlanhla Mugova
Continental zone:
Short biography: 
Nonhlanhla works as an actuary for a South African insurance company. She is passionate about being part of a movement that is increasing quality and access to healthcare in Africa. She has experience in over 27 African countries. When she is not working, she is chasing new hobbies.
     Video title: Bridging the Digital Insurance Divide
Aldu Duminy
Continental zone: Africa
Short biography: Aldu is a Health Product Actuary at Discovery Health, the largest private medical scheme administrator in South Africa. He joined Discovery Health in 2018.
    Video title: Future of the Insurance Industry: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Web 3.0
Name: Joshua Aizebeokhai
Continental zone:
Short biography: 
Joshua Aizebeokhai is a Risk and Capital Management Analyst at AIICO Insurance Plc. He has a background in Mathematics and Statistics as his first degree from the University of Lagos.  His Actuarial Career began in 2019 as a General Insurance Actuarial Analyst.
While at AXA, Joshua worked on:
- Reserving automation with C++/R and stress testing.
-Predictive Analytics and report Automation via SQL with Dashboards/Visualization tools. 
He evolved into Capital Management in 2021 at AIICO Insurance, where he worked on:
-Developing AIICO’s first internal Reinsurance Optimisation,
-Economic Capital Modelling
-Predictive Analytics models using R and Python

All competitors meet the following requirements:

1. Being born after June 1st, 1988.
2. Being a member of any Full or Associate Member Association of the IAA.
3. Create a video no longer than 7 minutes developing the topic you will address related to the theme of the competition. 
4. On or before 31st October 2022 at 8am ET, submit your video to from the IAA Secretariat including all the information outlined in the Rules Book!
Language: English. However, the IAA values inclusiveness and the level of English used by the participants shall not be considered by the judges. Participants may subtitle their videos to ensure understanding.
An initial review of all videos will be made to ensure appropriateness. All participating videos will be posted on the IAA YouTube channel and actuview/actupool. Finalists videos will also be posted on the ICA 2023 platform. 

Competition Theme: 
The YAWC theme is aligned with the ICA 2023 theme: "Bridge to Tomorrow"
Participants can make their own interpretation of the theme which could cover issues such as but not limited to

  • New Areas in which actuarial skills are being used.
  • How actuaries can contribute to a better society.
  • Innovative ways of tackling some big issues.
  • The opportunities and limits of data analytics and AI.
  • Formula or mathematical equation: could be an innovative design or a new usage.
  • Product : present a new product or give to an existing one a new usage or new features, etc.
  • Data Analytics: provide insights into how data is analyzed or the results that derive from that.
  • Climate issues: how can actuaries contribute to knowledge in this area.

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