The International Actuarial Association (IAA) is the umbrella body for professional actuarial associations around the world, with 97 member associations in 112 countries representing all regions of the world. The actuarial profession is regarded as the leading profession in managing financial risk and the profession is expected to play an even more prominent role given recent global economic events.

One of the objectives of the IAA is to develop education standards for actuaries given changing global needs. Given the additional scrutiny that the actuarial profession is under globally, as well as the need to grow the profession in emerging markets, it is critical that there is a focus on improving actuarial teaching and research, and sharing resources globally.

At the Tallinn meetings of the IAA leadership in 2009, a proposal was made to establish an Actuarial Educators Network to assist the IAA in achieving its education standards and to recognise the key role of educators and research in the profession. As a result, a session was held at the 2010 International Congress of Actuaries in Cape Town which was attended by educators and other interested parties from around the world. At this session, there was unanimous support for the establishment of the Actuarial Educators Network (AEN).

Subsequent to the Cape Town meeting, a Subcommittee for Actuarial Educators has been set up as part of the IAA leadership structures to co-ordinate the AEN. This Subcommittee has agreed a formal term of reference for the AEN which can be found here.

Ultimately the effectiveness of the AEN will depend on the efforts of all those who are part of the network. Participating educators are encouraged to participate at relevant events, share education and research resources on the website and network electronically with other educators. Through this, we believe that a global community of educators can play a critical role in enhancing both the effectiveness of the actuarial profession as well their own careers.

An introduction to the Actuarial Educators Network