IAALS Ragnar Norberg Memorial Prize

The IAA Life Section (IAALS) Board is delighted to announce the creation of an annual prize. This will be offered each year for the best contribution to the ASTIN Bulletin – The Journal of the International Actuarial Association – on a subject related to life insurance. The Prize will be named the "Ragnar Norberg Memorial Prize".  A monetary prize of 3,000 Canadian dollars will be awarded to the winning author(s). This prize supersedes the previous IAALS Awards.  

Ragnar Norberg is fondly remembered and much respected by his colleagues for his work at the University of Oslo (Norway), the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), the London School of Economics (UK) and the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France). In his long and varied career, spanning four decades and four countries, Ragnar published extensively and significantly influenced his colleagues and students, guiding their practices, today and into the future. This annual Prize will perpetuate his memory and recognizes his exceptional contribution to our profession. 

The first award will be based on articles published in the ASTIN Bulletin during 2023. It will be announced in the first half of 2024, and the winning author(s) will be given the opportunity to present their research at the Joint Section Colloquium in Brussels later that year. All contributions published in the ASTIN Bulletin will be eligible for the Prize, and no specific application need be made by any author, in order to be considered. Hopefully, the announcement of this Prize will encourage many researchers into the actuarial aspects of life insurance to share the results of their research through submitting publications to the ASTIN Bulletin.

The IAALS previously awarded prizes at section colloquia:


The Ragnar Norberg Memorial Prize 2023 published in the ASTIN Bulletin
The 3-Step Hedge-Based Valuation: Fair Valuation in The Presence of Systematic Risks, Daniël Linders

 (IAA Section Best Paper Awards, ICA) Berlin, Germany

1. Extension, Compression and Beyond a unique classification system for mortality evolution patterns, Martin Genz (Ulm University. Institute for Financial and Actuarial Science Ulm. Ifa)
2. Impact of Management Actions in Life Insurance, Estelle Gerondeau (Actuaries)

 Safe-side Scenarios for Financial and Biometrical Risk, Marcus Christiansen and Mogens Steffensen

Contestants for the LIFE Section Prize are encouraged to submit a life paper to ASTIN Bulletin.

2009: A universal pricing framework for guaranteed minimum benefits in variable annuities, Daniel Bauer