Following the foundation of the LIFE Section of IAA in 2006, the LIFE Section Committee confirmed that the ASTIN Bulletin will be the official journal of the LIFE Section. In order to encourage the submission of life papers to the ASTIN Bulletin, a LIFE Section Prize for the best life insurance contribution to the ASTIN Bulletin was established. The successful paper will be a significant contribution to the development of actuarial insight or methodology concerning life insurance. The prize money will be 1.000 CAD, awarded to the winner of the LIFE Section Prize. The winner of the LIFE Section Prize was invited to give a special lecture at the Munich Colloquium.

Award Winners:

2018 (IAA Section Best Paper Awards, ICA) Berlin, Germany

1. Extension, Compression and Beyond a unique classification system for mortality evolution patterns, Martin Genz (Ulm University. Institute for Financial and Actuarial Science Ulm. Ifa)
2. Impact of Management Actions in Life Insurance, Estelle Gerondeau (Actuaries)

 Safe-side Scenarios for Financial and Biometrical Risk, Marcus Christiansen and Mogens Steffensen

Contestants for the LIFE Section Prize are encouraged to submit a life paper to ASTIN Bulletin.

2009: A universal pricing framework for guaranteed minimum benefits in variable annuities, Daniel Bauer