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Hachemeister Prize

This prize was established in 1993 in recognition of Charles A. Hachemeister's many contributions to Actuarial Studies in Non-Life Insurance (ASTIN) and his efforts to establish a closer relationship between the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) and ASTIN.

Papers eligible for the prize include articles, workshop articles, and/or invited papers published in the ASTIN Bulletin, in addition to papers and Speakers' Corner papers presented at the ASTIN or AFIR/ERM Colloquium, in the calendar year prior to the prize award. Papers presented at an International Actuarial Association (IAA) Congress are also eligible for this award.

Papers will be judged by a specifically appointed committee of the CAS. Emphasis will be placed on the paper's impact for North American actuaries and practicality of application. The committee's decision will be final.

For further information about the Hachemeister Prize, contact:

CAS Hachemeister Prize Committee
Casualty Actuarial Society

2023   Benjamin Avanzi, Yanfeng Li, Bernard Wong, Alan Xian - Ensemble distributional forecasting for insurance loss reserving
2022   No Prize Awarded
2021  Suguru Fujita, Toyoto Tanaka, Kenji Kondo and Hirokazu Iwasawa - AGLM: A Hybrid Modelling Method of GLM and Data Science Techniques.  
2020  Ronald Richman (South Africa), "Al in Actuarial Science"
2019 IFoA/CAS International Pricing Working Party - Analyzing the Disconnect Between the Reinsurance Submission and Global Underwriters' Needs 
2018 Peng Shi (USA) and Kung Shi (USA) "Territorial Risk Clasification Using Spattialy Depend Frequency-Severity Models"
2018 Glenn Myers (USA) "A Cost of Capital Risk Margin Formula for Non-Life Insurance Liabilities"
2017 Benjamin Avanzi, Greg Taylor, and Bernard Wong "Correlations Between Insurance Lines of Business: An Illusion or a Real Phenomenon? Some Methodological Considerations"
2016 Anas Abdallah, Jean-Philippe Boucher, and Hélène Cossette "Modelling Dependence between Loss Triangles with Hierarchical Archimedean Copulas"
2015 George H. Zanjani and Daniel Bauer "The Marginal Cost of Risk in a Multi-Period Risk Model"
2014 Michael Fackler "Reinventing Pareto: Fits for Both Small and Large Losses"
2013 C. Dutanga, H. Albrecher, S. Loisel "A game-theoretic approach to non-life insurance markets"
2012 Chi, Yichun and Tan, Ken Seng "Optimal Reinsurance Under VaR and CVaR Risk Measures: A Simplified Approach"
2011 Miccolis, Robert S. and David E. Heppen "A Practical Approach to Risk Margins and the Measurement of Insurance Liabilities for Property and Casualty (General Insurance) under Developing International Financial Reporting Standards"
2010 Edward W. Frees, Peng Shi, and Emiliano A. Valdez "Actuarial Applications of a Hierarchical Insurance Claims Model"
2009 Thomas Mack "The Prediction Error of Bornhuetter/Ferguson"
2008 Thomas Wright "A General Framework for Forecasting Numbers of Claims"
2007 Emmanuel Bardis, Christina Gwilliam, Stephen P. Lowe, and Atul Malhotra "Considerations Regarding Standards of Materiality in Estimates of Outstanding Liabilities"
2006 William H. Panning, "Measuring Loss Reserve Uncertainty"
2005 Jon Holtan, "Pragmatic Insurance Option Pricing"
2004 Donald F. Mango, "Capital Consumption: An Alternative Method for Pricing Reinsurance"
2003 Shaun S. Wang, "A Universal Framework for Pricing Financial and Insurance Risk"
2002 Nicholas E. Frangos and Spyridon D. Vrontos, "Design of Optimal Bonus-Malus Systems with a Frequency and a Severity Component on an Individual Basis in Automobile Insurance"
2001 Morton Lane, "Pricing Risk Transfer Transactions"
2000 Uwe Schmock, "Estimating the Value of the WinCAT Coupons of the Winterthur Insurance Convertible Cover"
1999 No award
1998 James A. Tilley, "The Securitization of Catastrophic Property Risks"
1997 Stephen P. Lowe and James N. Stanard, "An Integrated Dynamic Financial Analysis and Decision Support System for a Property Catastrophe Reinsurer"
1996 Gregory C. Taylor, "Modelling Mortgage Insurance Claims Experience: A Case Study"
1995 Michel Laparra, Isabelle Lion and Christian Partrat, "Design and Analysis of Market Price Indices for the U.S. Natural Catastrophe Excess Reinsurance Treaties"
1994 Dr. Thomas Mack, "Which Stochastic Model is Underlying the Chain Ladder Method?"

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