Actuaries Without Borders® (AWB)

About AWB?

Created in November 2003, Actuaries Without Borders® (AWB) is a special interest section of the IAA which facilitates the provision of temporary actuarial services, through the volunteer efforts of its members, in geographies where there is a lack of such resources. Recipients of these actuarial services include public entities, governmental organizations and other organizations that lack these services and/or may be in need of financial assistance to obtain such advice.

Areas of AWB activity include assistance in the development and sound management of social security, enterprise risk management, pensions, insurance (including non-life, life and microinsurance/microfinance), investments, healthcare and other infrastructures and wider areas where the actuarial skills can be of use. AWB also contributes to the awareness of the profession and the spread of actuarial education in these geographies by encouraging AWB members to take on teaching and coaching assignments.