ORSA – The Core Tool of Risk-Based Supervision

In this session we will discuss why the ORSA is such a useful tool for the effective management of insurers, both from the perspective of the firms senior management and Board, as well as for regulators assessing the overall health of a firm and their respective insurance industry. We will also discuss what a regulator should look for when assessing an ORSA submission and delve into the key elements that make a strong ORSA process. This will be further brought to life through some practical examples as well as observations of ORSA processes and regulatory submissions seen by our presenters.

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Alex Kuhnast

Experienced actuary and executive with experience in a variety of actuarial and strategic roles including; enterprise risk management, ORSA, capital management, pricing, product development, micro-insurance, regulatory engagement & regime development and business turnaround plans.

Alex has 16 years of experience in the insurance industry working directly for, and consulting to, insurance companies in South Africa and Europe. While working in The Netherlands, he gained extensive experience in a variety of actuarial fields and in particular worked on a number of multi-disciplinary Solvency II implementation projects. During these engagements Alex gained in depth experience in developing and leading the implementation of one of the first Group-wide Own Risk & Solvency Assessment (ORSA) processes and reports at a large multi-national insurer.

Most recently, Alex has been involved in a variety of engagements including external and internal audit roles,  Curatorship assistance, Due Diligence engagements and general actuarial consulting covering both life and non-life insurers predominantly in South Africa but also covering the rest of Africa. Alex is also involved in various industry working groups. This has included those focusing on amongst others; the development of an ORSA approach for CRO Forum members,  the implementation of the South African risk based capital regime (SAM), and micro-insurance regulatory requirements and actuarial guidance in South Africa.

Focus on Asia - Pacific
Tuesday January 12, 2021 

10:00  Dubai
11:30  Mumbai, New Delhi

13:00  Bangkok, Jakarta
14:00  Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur
15:00  Seoul, Tokyo
17:00  Sydney
19:00  Auckland
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Focus on Caribbean, Latin America and Africa
Thursday, February 4, 2021 

09:00  Mexico City, San Salvador
10:00  Bogota, Lima
12:00  Buenos Aires, Santiago
15:00  Accra
16:00  Lagos
17:00  Cape Town
18:00  Kampala, Nairobi

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