ASTIN Expert HelpLine

ASTIN has launched an Expert Helpline - The purpose of this new tool is to promote sound actuarial approaches and practices. An actuarial expert pool providing responses to questions posed by any ASTIN member in relation to the practical application of the actuarial theoretical concepts.

The content of answers is aimed to support the usage of good actuarial practices and at helping actuaries and other related parties by providing clarity on the content of application of actuarial theoretical concepts. 

Please note that in order to submit a question, you must be a member of the ASTIN Section. 
  • Still hard to say at this stage. The situation is reminiscent of teenage sex: everybody brags about it, but in reality...
  • Certainly not in the short run: currently the applications are limited to very few problems, which appear to be very different from those we encounter in general insurance, and any type of insurance for that matter.; Having said that, though, quantum computing is the ultimate parallel computing, and in pricinple could that accelerate Monte Carlo simulations? But at this stage that is still quite far fetched.